TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Tucker Albrizzi!


We just spoke with Tucker Albrizzi who plays Jake on Good Luck Charlie and has guested on Lab Rats! He told us all about an upcoming episode of GLC, his new animated movie, ParaNorman, and an accident that happened on-camera! Be sure to check out his episode of Good Luck Charlie June 24th on the Disney Channel and ParaNorman when it comes out August 17!


TWIST: So can we expect to see Jake in upcoming episodes of Good Luck Charlie? TA: Yes, you can expect to see Jake because he's going to be on the special one-hour episode of Good Luck Charlie where they announce the new baby's name.

T: Do you have any funny memories from on set? TA: It's not a prank or anything, but while we were filming the scene in the first episode with Big Time Rush, I was going to pop up from a garbage can. So I popped up, and as I was saying my line, I fell back and hit my head on the floor.

T: Oh no! Were you alright? TA: Yeah, I was fine.

T: Did everybody see you? TA: Yeah, everyone saw me. The camera saw me coming up, and then leaning backwards and going out of scene.

T: What's it like on the set of Good Luck Charlie? TA: We all hang out there. Whenever I'm there, I can see that they know each other. They're all good friends. But they all seem to get along and it's really nice being there. We all hang out for lunch and stuff.

T: Awesome! And what about the Big Time Rush guys? Are they fun too? TA: They are exactly like they are on television. They are really fun and some of them remind me of my brothers.

T: You did voice acting for the new animated movie ParaNorman - what was it like hearing your voice come from a cartoon character? TA: It's strange! They actually made the character and it kind of looked like me, but they made that character before they even saw me, before they heard my voice. So that was kind of spooky, but it's really fun. I don't like watching myself on camera or listening to myself, but I find animated movies easier to watch myself in than live action because I just don't like looking at myself. I find voiceover really fun and it's really cool to see how I act, how it comes up on the screen and how amazing it comes out.

T: Definitely! So did you get to actually meet any of the other cast members or did you do a lot of your work on your own? TA: Most of the time I did solo work, but I did a couple things with Norman, played by Kodi Smit-McPhee. So we did a couple sessions.

T: Awesome. And can you tell me a little bit about the movie? TA: ParaNorman follows a kid named Norman who is not normal like every other kid. Norman can see ghosts and he doesn't have many friends. I play Neil, and everyone doesn't like him but Neil doesn't care about that. So they become really best friends.

T: Who is the one actor/actress that you would absolutely love to work with one day? TA: I would love to work with either Jack Black or Jonah Hill - that type of person. I just love them. They're awesome.

T: Do you have any upcoming projects? TA: Coming up, I have an episode of Lab Rats that should be coming out June 7th. In that one, I play the friend of the main character. I'm a boy scout, this kid who is kind of weird and quirky.

T: What was it like with that cast? TA: They're all really nice and it was really fun to work with them. When I was there, they all seemed like old friends.

T: That's so cool! Thanks for chatting with us, Tucker! TA: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Vincent Sandoval Photography

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