TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Tristan Pasterick!


TWIST just got to chat with Tristan Pasterick from the new show Incredible Crew on Cartoon Network! He gave us the inside scoop on how he got into acting, playing tons of characters a day, and the cast! Check out our exclusive convo below!


TWIST: Tell us a little bit about Incredible Crew! Tristan Pasterick: Sure! Incredible Crew is a new sketch comedy show on Cartoon Network. If you've ever seen All That or The Amanda Show it's just like that. And we have a lot of good music videos too!

TWIST: What's the best part about doing sketch comedy on Incredible Crew? TP: I think the best part about doing sketch comedy is that every few minutes I get to play a new character. So every morning I am someone different from someone I'll be two hours from then instead of playing the same character all the time.

TWIST: What's the hardest part about playing so many different characters? TP: The hardest part would be memorizing lines 'cause we don't have a lot of time to rehearse. In fact we have only the 10 minutes before we are about to shoot to rehearse!

TWIST: Does the cast get along? TP: We got along well! Every Saturday we used to go out and play laser tag while we were still filming and we saw all the new movies that came out.

TWIST: How did you get into acting? TP: I was approached by a couple of talent scouts at an autograph signing in Washington and they said to take acting classes at their studio, which is now called Seattle Talent. I went to [a convention], I met an agent, and I signed with them. I moved in with some family in LA and started auditioning until I got something big.

TWIST: How old were you? TP: I think I was 9 or 10 when I got discovered at the signing. But I didn't move to LA until I was 11.

Photo Credit: Corina Marie Howell

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