TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Thomas Fiss!


Thomas Fiss just stopped by the TWIST office! Thomas was so nice and spilled deets about the best part of touring and what we can expect from his upcoming album! Thomas even gave us an exclusive performance of his newest single "Let Go!" Check out our conversation and exclusive video below!


TWIST: So tell me a little about your latest EP, "Let Go." Thomas Fiss: My new album's going to be out early fall. The lead single off that is "Let Go," and it's basically about having a good life, living free, and saying yes when you could say no. It's just about enjoying life, and everything being very easy.

T: Cool! So did you have any kind of girl in mind when writing this song? TF: Absolutely! Always! Every song needs that right? [Laughs] The song just says chill out, hold on a second, relax, all that good stuff, and then we're going to continue.

T: Awesome! Do you write your own music? How is that process? TF: Yes. It can be fun and it can be extremely stressful, but I love it! I've been writing since I was ten and slowly honing my skills working with the best of the best. I can get an idea from anything. Honestly a lot of my songs' inspirations come from when I'm in the shower. I'm always singing and sometime in the car I'll record an idea on my phone. But a lot of the songs on the new album are very well thought out, so hopefully it shows.

T: Totally! What's the best part about touring to you? TF: I think it's just being able to get out and meet new fans and old fans and friends. Honestly, that's why I'm here, to be available for everyone who enjoys my music. Playing the show is awesome, but for me the most exciting part is the meet-and-greet and being able to hang out and see the faces that enjoy the music. That is just beyond inspiring to me!

T: Can you give our readers a little scoop on what they can expect from your album? TF: It's a happy album. It's definitely fun. I would compare it to a younger, more fun OneRepublic. I think the writing is strong on it, and it's one of those albums you're just going to want to blast and roll your windows down to. There are also some ballads on there, so it's equally balanced!

T: Cool! What's next for you? Do you have anything in the works? TF: Yes, I've got a lot of stuff! We're going to be pushing "Let Go." The release date for it hitting radio is at the end of this month, hopefully a tour coming up soon, and I have a bunch of dates throughout the country, so keep an eye out!

T: Awesome! Thanks so much for speaking with us! TF: Thank you!

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