TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With The Guys of The Pauly D Project, Premiering Tonight!


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We recently chatted with DJ Pauly D, Mike "Biggie" Morgan, "Big Jerry" Gialanella, Jason "JROC" Craig, and Ryan Labbe - the stars of MTV's Jersey Shore spinoff, The Pauly D Project - premiering tonight! The guys were so funny and couldn't wait to dish about the show! "It's an amazing story," Big Jerry spilled. "Pauly was so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of Jersey Shore and to have something presented to him like this it allows him to show the world what he does besides the Shore." And Pauly totally agrees! "I'm really excited about it!" he told us. "I'm excited to show the world more of Pauly D! With my show, [fans] get to see exactly where I come from, they get to meet my family, they get to meet my friends, and they get to see what it's like being a touring DJ all over the world, and all of the struggles that come along with it."

And be sure to get ready for some hysterical pranks! "We like to pull pranks on each other," Ryan confessed, and Biggie spilled, "We all get into some crazy hijinks over here and we all have a blast doing it!" "There's nothing like it on TV," JROC explained. "It's going to be highly entertaining, and any of the fans who appreciate Jersey Shore or are fans of Jersey Shore are going to love the show!" Awesome! We can't wait to see it! Click "Read More" to see more of our exclusive interview with the guys and to get some juicy secrets about Pauly D! And don't forget to check out The Pauly D Project - it premieres TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c on MTV!

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TWIST: How do you guys all know each other? Pauly D: For the most part, I took everybody from Rhode Island. We all worked in Rhode Island. TWIST: What's something about Pauly D that most people don't know about him? Big Jerry: I'd say that's a good question. He comes off [as] extremely, extremely funny on the show. He really is [funny] in real life and [he] has a big sense of humor. He'll make a crowd laugh, and it doesn't matter what he says when he walks into a room. He just has that charm. I don't know, you see it a little bit [on Jersey Shore] obviously but I think he showcases a little bit more when he's around his friends from back in the day. Ryan: Pauly is extremely smart, and I'm not saying that most people don't know that. He's the type of person who will sit there and listen to absolutely everything and not say anything at all, so we call him Slyer the Fox. He sits there and pays attention and waits for the opportunity and time to interject or take control of the situation. There's a different side of Pauly that I think everybody's going to see on the Pauly D Project. I think it's going to make him more of a real individual as opposed to a character. Biggie: Um... I'm trying to think! I don't know, you guys see into his life pretty well, so it's hard. He's just a quiet guy; he likes to be to himself. He's into his electronics. Deejays, we're all into electronics. Also, his motorcycles! He loves motorcycles. If there's a bike or a car, he would pick a bike over a car any day. TWIST: Pauly, what's something that you always pack to bring with you that people might not think you'd bring with you? Pauly D: I always bring... I'm gonna have to say... my Chapstick! They would never know that! (laughs)

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