TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Taylor Spreitler!


We recently chatted with Taylor Spreitler, who plays Lennox on the totally hilarious ABC Family sitcom Melissa and Joey! Taylor Spreitler was super psyched to talk to us about the upcoming season, the funny pranks she's pulled on set, and who she'd love to see guest star on the show! Check out our exclusive interview below, and make sure to tune into the season premiere of Melissa and Joey on May 30th on ABC Family!

TWIST: Can you tell us about what's in store on this season of Melissa and Joey? TS: Craziness! Lots and lots of craziness. We have a lot of guest stars this season, like Gregg Sulkin and Debi Mazar! All of us are getting into lots and lots of trouble. TWIST: What can we expect from your character Lennox this season? TS: She definitely grows up in this season! Her aunt and her 'manny' are starting to trust her more. TWIST: How do you relate to Lennox? TS: We're actually a LOT alike! I just don't have an Aunt Mel or 'manny', and she's a little bit more dramatic than I am. The writers write episodes about things that I feel very strongly about, and I get to portray that, which I love. She's definitely a little bit louder than I am, though! (laughs) TWIST: Okay, cool! What is your favorite on-set memory from Melissa and Joey? TS: My favorite memory is definitely my graduation! I didn't get to go to real high school, and I didn't get to have a graduation, so Melissa Joan Hart threw me a graduation on set. There was a podium and I had a cap and gown! Melissa gave a speech and I had cake. It was AWESOME! I got a diploma that she and Joey Lawrence signed.

TWIST: That's a really cool memory! So, what is it like on set working with Nick Robinson and the other cast? TS: Nick and I definitely pull pranks a lot! Last week we were just running around the lot, basically annoying everyone that we could. We get along but we're just like brother and sister in real life: we love each other, but we definitely get into our fights and bicker a lot.

TWIST: Do you have any pranks that you guys pulled together that come to mind? TS: Well, we Saran-Wrapped the doors to our dressing rooms one day and tried to prank Joey! We actually videotaped the entire thing, but he realized it before he walked in! So now we just have this video of Joey calling us out and then turning around and pulling pranks on us all day. Like, he put up the Saran Wrap and of course we're the ones that walk into it, not him (laughs). So, it kind of backfired. Joey's a hard person to prank! We've tried MANY times, and he just knows better! I guess growing up with two younger brothers like he did, you kind of get used to it. TWIST: Yeah, I bet. So, it sounds like you guys all have great chemistry together! TS: Yes! How we are on the show is how we are in real life. Joey's the one who's always like, 'You guys should think about this!' And Melissa's like, 'Let's just go!' or 'Let's have fun!' She's definitely like my crazy aunt. TWIST: If you could have anyone guest star on the show, who would it be? TS: Hmmm... Betty White! She could play someone - anyone! I just think anything she does is hilarious. And her show Hot in Cleveland films right next to Melissa and Joey! So, she could just walk on over. I think that would be fun! TWIST: You're also a singer. Can you tell us about that? TS: I sang a lot when I was little, and it's kind of how I got into all of this. It's something that I definitely loved doing when I was younger. And I actually thought about recording an album a couple of years ago, but my schedule was just way too crazy at the time. Everyone keeps on trying to get me to get back into it. Actually, I love it so much, but I have a huge fear of singing in front of people. I can act in front of a live audience, but for some reason singing freaks me out. I had to sing in an episode in Melissa and Joey last season in front of a live audience and the entire time I was FREAKING. OUT. I guess it's something that I should get over, but it's just one of those things!

TWIST: So, would you want to record an album in the near future? TS: Like I said, I almost did and my schedule got crazy. It's always kind of been in the back of my mind. And my sister is a rapper, and she just finished her first EP. I spent a lot of time in the studio with her and met a lot of people through her. She kind of inspired me to possibly get back in the studio and do it! But it won't be coming out anytime soon!

TWIST: Thank you so much for chatting with us! TS: Thank you! Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family

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