TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Tallia Storm!


TWIST just chatted with up-and-coming R&B singer Tallia Storm! She spilled deets on her upcoming album, where she gets inspiration from and her "quirky" style! Check out our conversation below and be sure check out some of her music, along with our exclusive videos below!

TWIST: When did you know that you wanted to be a singer? Tallia Storm: Well, I guess all my life. I mean I've always been a big fan of High School Musical. But seriously? I guess two years now. But I've been singing all my life really.

TWIST: How do you balance school, friends and a music career? Is that hard? TS: Well, actually, a lot of people say that but I don't really think it is because all the people say, 'You know you're quite young, and you know you're only 13.' But if there was a young tennis player or a football player, they gotta jump at it, you know what I mean, and I just think that everybody in my school has something. They wake up at six o'clock and go swimming and then come home, you know? So this is my hobby and singing is my thing. So I think if you think of it in that sense, that it's what I want to do, then that's the way I see it and it's not really hard.

TWIST: How has your life changed since being discovered by Elton John? TS: Well, it's changed just a wee bit! I mean I don't even have words. It's incredible, just what he's done for me and the advice he's given me and just everything that's happened just because he's putting his name, his advice, and his words towards me. Letting me go around and singing and letting me tell my story. I'm very grateful for that. It's just incredible and it's only the beginning.

TWIST: Do you write your own songs? TS: Well my dad writes all my songs and I've recently started writing my lyrics. So I just did a recent one called 'Intoxication.'

TWIST: What do you draw inspiration from? TS: Well, I just think everything I do! I'm very artsy and I'm quite opinionated in that sense, if you know what I mean by that. If there's something I like, I'll take my perspective on it. Like in a song if you're in a good mood, you love the song but if you're sad you understand the lyrics. So I try and send a message!

TWIST: What is your most meaningful song? TS: It'd have to be 'I'm Blessed.' I think it's just all about being grateful for who you are and how you got to that place and not forgetting the people who started you off. And just feeling confident minded and not letting all this fame, or whatever you call it, get to your head.

TWIST: When can we expect your debut album? TS: Well, I've done about 14 songs and I think we're gonna aim about for 25 and once we decide on which record company we're going with, we'll cut it down. And my dad really writes all my songs, so he'll write like 14 then I'll pick the one I like.

TWIST: How would you describe your style? TS: Well, it's definitely quirky. I just think it's expressing myself. I know the amount of people who say that is probably frightening, but you know, it depends on the mood or how you're feeling basically.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects? TS: Well, I'm just trying to fit everything I can into this summer holiday because I'm still in school. We're going out to L.A. next week and I'm performing at the Teen Choice Awards After Party, which I am super excited about. I can't wait to see people there. And I've just got local events and London Fashion Week in September.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers check out your music? TS: Because there's no other 13-year-old who sings the way I do. I don't know, well there are but they're all 18 or 20, and they're all pop. This isn't, this is like R&B, soul, kinda jazzy. And it's got the Tallia twist on it, so you know nobody's heard something like this! It's signature!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us Tallia! TS: Thank you!

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