TWIST Exclusive: TWIST chats with Selah Sue before her concert with Ed Sheeran!


Last night, TWIST chatted with Selah Sue at River Stage in Philadelphia, where she opened for Ed Sheeran, who's collabed with Taylor Swift and is good friends with One Direction. Selah's originally from Belgium and just released her self-titled album in the US. She spilled, "I wrote most of my songs when I was about 14-15, and my whole first album is about learning to be kind to yourself and learning to accept your weak parts." When we asked her what Ed Sheeran was like, she revealed, "He's really cool. He's such a nice guy. The fans are really crazy, but they're really, really nice!"

Selah was followed by Passenger and then Ed Sheeran, who played for two hours! It's Ed's first time headlining a US tour and he opened with "Give Me Love" and had the audience sing along. "If you're too cool to sing, you came to the wrong gig," he joked! Later he tweeted, "Philly! Such an amazing show, thank you so much for the love, you were awesome..."Check out more photos from the concert below!

Selah plays her first single "Raggamuffin"!

Passenger got the whole audience to still to a hush for three songs!

Ed Sheeran rocked RiverStage. There were even (completely unplanned) fireworks over the water!

What do you think of Selah's sound? For more on how One Direction hang out, check out the October/November double issue of TWIST, on stands now!

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