TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Ryan Newman!


TWIST just chatted with Ryan Newman! Ryan gave us the deets on her new show See Dad Run and even dished about what the vibe was like on set. Check out the exclusive convo below, plus, be sure to tune in to See Dad Run on Nick at Nite!


TWIST: Can you tell us about your new show See Dad Run? Ryan Newman: See Dad Run is about David Hobbs who was a TV star for 10 years, but once his show ends he has to learn how to be a dad again. You get to see him rebuild his relationship with his kids, so it's really great!

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers tune in to See Dad Run? Ryan Newman: TWIST readers should tune in because it's a hysterical show and there's something for everyone to relate to.

TWIST: What is your favorite part about playing Emily on the show? Ryan Newman: Emily's a typical teenager and she's going through the same stuff I'm going through so she's really relatable!

TWIST: How are you and Emily different from each other? Ryan Newman: I think the biggest difference between us is that she's the oldest in the show and I'm the youngest in my real family, so there's a different sibling dynamic.

TWIST: What is the vibe like on the set of See Dad Run? Ryan Newman: The vibe is just happy, fun, and funny. We're always goofing around!

TWIST: What's next for you? Ryan Newman: I'm really excited for See Dad Run and I hope it goes on for a while. I'm also hoping to get more involved into my music again so hopefully you will hear that sooner than later.

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us Ryan! Ryan Newman: Thanks TWIST!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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