TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Roshon Fegan!


TWIST just talked to Roshon Fegan, who stars in the Disney movie, Shake It Up: Made In Japan! The movie is serving as a season two finale of the Disney Channel sitcom, Shake it Up. Roshon told TWIST all about the new movie, his music and what his ultimate pet peeve is! Check out our exclusive video and chat below and don't forget to watch Shake it Up: Made in Japan premiering in August!

Xoxo, TWIST TWIST: So what's new with Shake it Up: Made in Japan? What can we expect? Roshon Fegan: Well, it's in Japan [laughs] well its not really in Japan, it's based in Japan and it was a lot of work to really make it work. It's going to be a great episode. It's a 'three-part-er' so it's going to be super long and you know, CeCe and Rocky are basically going to Japan, and they become pop stars and the whole crew is going along with them. I'm there actually searching for my Japanese love. I see some girl at the airport and that's how it goes. So it's a cool storyline and I think the coolest thing is we get to recreate a whole new world, and we brought in some great guest stars and it's just going to be one of those episodes you can't forget, mainly because it's super long [laughs].

T: Cool. So on set, do you guys have any inside jokes or rituals? RF: It's crazy! it's a lot of energy. Everybody's pretty high energy, pretty pumped up, and you know we just try to get through the day without getting pranked or stepping on something and having something blow up. It's crazy around there, but it's real fun and it's probably the best job you can ask for.

T: Great. So with you diving into music, what's your writing process like? RF: It just happens. (laughs) I don't know, sometimes it's the beat that like, motivates me or sometimes I'll just look at something and think 'That's a great song,' and start writing to it. But I've been doing music all my life, even before I was on the show. So the way it happens is just naturally.

T: What kind of music do you aim for? RF: You know, whatever I'm feeling. It really is that kind of thing. I think music is mainly a way to express yourself and let people know who you are internally and really what you care about and what you feel so ... you make music for others, but you make it for yourself as well. It's my therapy and people fall in love with my thoughts and the way I like to do things so my music portrays that. If I'm feeling one way one day, that's what you're going to hear and if I'm not, then you're going to hear that, too.

T: Cool. So do you have a quirky habit you'd like to spill for our TWIST readers? RF: Well I do have a pet peeve. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to anything. I like my things perfect, like if I buy something and it has a scratch on it, or the box is bent or wrinkled, I want another one. I just feel like when you buy something or invest in something it should come like it's displayed on the picture - brand new, shining - so I just can't do it. So if you're weird or something, [laughs] that's like a pet peeve of mine.

T: Awesome! So what can our readers expect from you with Shake it Up or anything else? RF: Shake it Up is amazing! I'm having a great time with that. But you know, after that I probably will just formulate a plan of what I'm going to do with my music career and hopefully jump into bigger feature films and TV, I don't know what's going to come first, but I'm really just putting my line out in the water and seeing which fish wants to bite.

T: Thank you so much for speaking with us! RF: Thank you!

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