TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Rebecca Black!


We recently talked with Internet sensation Rebecca Black who released her summer single, "Sing It" in May. She dished to TWIST about her upcoming album, what life has been like since "Friday" and what it's like to have her own record label at only 14! Check out our chat below and be sure to check out her single "Sing It!"


TWIST: So what's been going on with your music lately? Rebecca Black: I'll be getting back into the studio in the summer to start working on an album that'll be out late summer, early fall.

T: Cool! And what can we expect to hear from you on the album? RB: It's an array of songs. There's a lot of different types of songs on there. It's basically covering all the bases.

T: So ever since "Friday" your career has just skyrocketed. Are you used to being recognized in public and being an overnight sensation? RB:I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It's not what I'm used to and I'm still not used to it. Just being out at the mall and someone coming up to me, sometimes I forget and I'm like 'Huh? How do you know me?' and then I'm like, 'Oh.' But yeah, it's still a very surreal experience.

T: Tell me about your new single "Sing It" - where did you record it and what's the inspiration behind it? RB: "Sing It" is basically a summer song. It is all about being carefree and I hope that people would want to blast it in their cars on the way down the highway. It's letting the music encompass you. That's what the song's about, just having a great time in the summer.

T: What's that like to have your own record label at 14? I can't really name any other 14-year-olds with their own labels.
RB: It's very overwhelming in a sense. It hasn't really sunken in that this is actually happening to me. I went from being just a regular 14-year-old at school to now, being able to say that I have my own record label. It's a pretty surreal experience. It hasn't sunken in yet.

T: That's cool. And do you plan on signing other artists? RB: Maybe in the future. Like, a while in the future. Right now, I'm really just working on building myself as an artist. Then maybe when I'm older, I'll start looking around at other talent, and discovering other talent through the Internet, or through anything really.

T: Last summer, our readers loved that you were in a Katy Perry video. Have you kept in touch with her? What is your relationship with Katy now? RB: I've seen her a couple times but I haven't really talked to her in a while just because we've both been so busy. But whenever I get to talk to her, she's very supportive. She's very much, I guess you could say an older sister figure. She's that one person that I've looked up to for so long. To have her supporting me, it's just a very comforting feeling.

T: Thank you for chatting with us Rebecca! RB: Thank you! Credit: Startraks

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