TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Rapper Lil Niqo!


TWIST recently chatted with rapper Lil Niqo. He was a blast to talk to and told us about his musical influences, how he got started as a rapper, and his favorite part of being on stage! He also spilled some exclusive deets about his upcoming album! Check out our interview with Lil Niqo below!


TWIST: When did you start rapping? Lil Niqo: I started rapping when I was seven years old at a second grade talent show. I've been rapping ever since then, doing shows all across the globe.

TWIST: What do you like to rap about? LN: I rap about different things: homework, chilling with my friends, and playing video games. I have my single, 'Television Love', which talks about the ladies. Even though I rap about different things, it's all positive music.

TWIST: What made you want to go by the name Lil Niqo? LN: When I was younger, my uncles and my aunts and my neighbors would call me Little Red because I was one of the shortest kids on the block and I had red hair. My nickname though was actually Niqo, so when I got a little older, they started calling me Lil Niqo. It just really stuck ever since then.

TWIST: What's your favorite part about being on stage? LN: My favorite part about being on stage is all of the fans' reactions. It can be one of the deadest crowds you'll ever see. I just have to get that crowd hyped and it's easy for me. Even at a school, I'll just start rapping to the teachers and things like that, so I definitely have to get the crowd hyped.

TWIST: Who are some of your musical influences? LN: Jay-Z, Kanye, and Diddy, but Jay-Z especially influences me because he changed his life around and became a mogul and not just a rapper. He started a family and gave back to his community. So I want to become like Jay-Z a little bit. I don't want to copy him or anything like that, but I look up to him.

TWIST: Whom would you love to work with in the future? LN: I would love to work with a lot of people. I'd probably have to go with Jay-Z again. That would be huge for me. Also, Kanye West. I actually just shot a movie with Lil Wayne, but I don't have him on a song, so I'd have to go with Lil Wayne too, plus Drake and Eminem.

TWIST: You made your acting debut on The Finder. Do you want to continue acting in the future? LN: Oh yeah, acting is like a second passion that I have. Even when I was younger, I would always have my mom take pictures of me around the house. I would throw up my little peace sign or do some type of pose or something like that, so I would definitely do more acting in the future.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects your fans should know about? LN: Well I have the mixtape and the EP. Make sure you download the EP for free at and you can get the mixtape at The album is coming soon, so you kind of have to wait right now.

TWIST: Do you know when the album is coming out? LN: We don't have a specific date yet, but it will be dope! It's going to be crazy!

TWIST: We can't wait! Thanks for chatting with us, Lil Niqo! LN: Thanks, TWIST!

Photo: Courtesy of Island Def Jam

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