TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Rachel Crow!


TWIST just chatted with singer Rachel Crow! Right now she's on tour with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson and she is having a blast! She told us about working with, her favorite tour memory and how she's getting along with Cody Simpson and the Big Time Rush guys! Check out our exclusive convo below and don't forget to check out Rachel Crow's single, "Mean Girls," out now!


TWIST: Do you have a favorite memory of the tour so far? RC: Yeah! It was actually the first night when I didn't think I did as well as everybody else. I was a little upset. I was like 'Aww, I could have done better!' But it was my first show and it was okay. So told everyone, 'I don't think anyone's gonna be at my signing tent.' So my manager actually took the time to shorten the poles that keep the lines in order, so I wouldn't feel bad if there weren't too many people. Then as I was coming up the escalator, there were thousands of people just screaming and the line went into the venue and wrapped around. It was so crazy. I felt so blessed and amazing at that moment.

TWIST: So how have you been getting along with Big Time Rush and the rest of the tour? RC: I get along with them great! They're like my big brothers. We have so much fun on the tour and with each other. I think everybody just is like a huge family here.

TWIST: You're also working with! Can you tell us a little bit about that? RC: Yes I am! I'm loving it. Recently I went to a library and showed some kids the bully app on Facebook that goes through You log into your Facebook and it gives you test questions about bullying and you answer them. At the end it asks you what you can do to stop bullying in your community. It was really cool. There was one little boy who was so adorable and he just said, 'I don't know what to write.' So I said, 'How do you get bullied?' He replied, 'I get punched.' So I asked, 'What do you do to stop it?' When he confessed, 'I punch him back.' I said, 'Okay, we don't want to do that. How about just turning around and walking away?' He said 'It'll be hard but I can do it.' He was so cute!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us! RC: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Pozsonyi

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