TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Rachel Crow!


Former X-Factor contestant Rachel Crow just stopped by the TWIST office! She spilled to TWIST all about her new EP, her upcoming tour with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson, and her message to fans about bullying! Plus, she told us all about her recently-released, super-unique music video for her single "Mean Girls" - it directed by Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena [Fun Fact: The video was made at Carlo's house with only a chalkboard!] Watch the video HERE and be sure to check out Rachel's self-titled EP - it comes out today!


TWIST: So tell us all about your new single! We love it! Rachel: I'm really excited. The first song on my EP is "Mean Girls." I love that song. It means a lot to me because everyone girl goes through this, mean girls taunting them and being mean to them. I feel like nobody should be a victim. We should rise up and stop it because honestly everybody has either been the mean girl, has been bullied by a mean girl, or has been both - which is really sad. Even the mean girls themselves are bullied by each other. It's terrible. There's always that head of the group. It's almost like you've got to break down the temple one step at a time. Make a change. Stand up to them. Try and overcome your fear of them. I want to be an inspiration to others. I want them to step back and look at it and say, 'Stop!' I was hoping that's what my song would do; I not only wanted the song to reach girls but to guys too. Kids are really mean these days. I want guys and girls to look at this and go, 'That's happened to me before. I can't believe that's happened to Rachel." I want them to hear the song and feel like they want to make a change.

T: Are there any songs on the album that you drew from personal experience? R: I actually co-wrote "Mean Girls." That song means so much to me because we just sat down and talked about my life experiences. I think every girl has, every guy has, even animals. I want it to be something that comes across like, 'Oh my gosh, Rachel wrote that. That's what actually happened to her. She's not just singing words.' I want people to really look at that and say 'She's just like me' because I really am. I'm just like everybody else.

T: So what can you tell us about the tour this summer with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson? R: I'm so excited! I've met Cody a couple times and we're kind of buds. I saw him at the White House when I performed there and he performed as well. We just kind of saw each other, said hi and talked for a while. I've met Big Time Rush numerous times. I'm actually going to guest star on Big Time Rush in July. I can't wait for that. I play a crazed fan whose name is Winnie. It's really fun. It's a good episode. I think it's going to make people laugh. It's going to be cute. We did a lot of stuff on segways, which was fun. So I've met Big Time Rush a bunch of times. Actually Carlos from Big Time Rush, we've kind of got a bond off of the camera. We've been friends and it's really great. He helped me with my video for "Mean Girls". It's amazing, it's a chalk stop motion video.

T: What does that mean exactly? R: You draw a little bit and you take a picture, and you draw more. Oh my gosh it took a so long! Then at the end you put them all together.

T: That's great! What is the craziest thing you'll bring with you on tour? R: My little puppy! I think we're bringing my puppy, Charlie. She's so cute. She is a Maltese-Yorkie - she's a "Morkie"! She's super cute, but she's kind of a brat because she's so cute. I love her. I've been begging my mom to bring her, and I think it's going to happen.

T: That's so cool! Do you have any pre-show rituals? R: I always pray before a show. That's definitely one of the things that I do all the time. I always make sure to run through the song in my head once just to make sure I got it. I usually don't get nervous the whole day if I know I'm performing but literally right before I go on I'm like 'Oh no, oh no, oh okay, yay! I'm out on stage, I'm happier.' Usually when I'm right behind the scenes, one minute before the show, I get a little bit nervous. But I think everybody does. I think if you don't get nervous, you're not human. You've got to be like, 'Okay, I can do this.' I always have my mom, my sister, and my dad there and I talk them like, 'It's going to be okay.' I always reassure myself to them. I'm ike, "It's gonna be fine. Don't worry. It'll be great! Don't worry about it!'

T: That's really funny! Thanks for chatting with us, Rachel! R: Thank you, TWIST!

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