TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Olivia Holt!


TWIST just chatted with Olivia Holt! Olivia spilled about her upcoming projects and how she'll go about celebrating the premiere of her new song "Had Me At Hello" (out today on Radio Disney at 4pm PT)! Check out our exclusive convo below, and be sure to watch Olivia in Girl vs Monster this October on the Disney Channel.


TWIST: One of the songs you sang in the upcoming Disney Channel original movie, Girl vs Monster actually premieres on Radio Disney today, what are your feelings on that? Olivia Holt: I'm so excited that the music is finally premiering and everyone gets to listen to it! Singing's been something that I've loved for the longest time and I'm really excited that I get to share with everyone something that is a big passion of mine.

TWIST: Are you doing anything in celebration of the premiere? Olivia Holt: I'm getting my friends and my family together and we're going to listen to it and just celebrate what we've been waiting on for the past couple months!

TWIST: How do you relate to your character Skylar in Girl vs Monster? Olivia Holt: Skylar's a super confident girl and she goes out for what she wants! She's totally fearless and she's also a really great role model and I'd like to think that I'm a good role model. I want kids to look up to me and to say that they can relate to me, so I try to be a good role model.

TWIST: What was the vibe like on the set of Girl vs Monster? Olivia Holt: The vibe was always happy! We all got along so well! The crew was so amazing and the cast was so incredible and talented. I made some lifelong friends on that set and we all had a really great time!

TWIST: Can you tell our readers why they should watch Girl vs Monster? Olivia Holt: Girl vs Monster is a Halloween film that you've never seen before and it's really incredible! We have dancing, singing, action, comedy, and romance. The message it brings of facing your fears and staying confident is something that I love about this movie. It's all so jam-packed in this one amazing film and I'm just really excited for everyone to see it!

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects we should look out for? Olivia Holt: You can definitely expect some music coming out throughout the year and hopefully next year as well. I can't wait for all of that to come out, too!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us Olivia! Olivia Holt: Thanks TWIST!

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