TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Nick Krause from Nickelodeon's Hollywood Heights!


We just got off the phone with Nick Krause who plays Adam in the new Nick show Hollywood Heights! Nick spilled all about the show, his dream co-stars, and the time he took a college math class - when he was only 10 years old! Read our conversation below, and be sure to check out Hollywood Heights every weeknight at 9PM!


TWIST: Tell us about your role in Hollywood Heights! How are you similar and different from your character? Nick: His name is Adam, and we're actually strikingly similar people. He's very much how I was in high school. He watches a lot of movies. He hangs out with his two friends, Melissa and Lauren, Lauren being the main girl of the show. He's kind of a shy, awkward kid but at the same time he's also just a really good guy. He's always there trying to help his friends out with whatever they're trying to do.

TWIST: The show has a really big cast. What is the vibe like on set? Nick: It's really cool actually! Very high energy, even at 6:30 in the morning when a lot of people get there. The makeup room is always crazy, especially. It's awesome. At first, I went onto set with a little bit of trepidation, not knowing how it was going to be, especially with the cast being so big. But everyone has turned out to be really awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better place to work.

TWIST: What would you say are the top three reasons that TWIST readers should tune in for the show? Nick: Well reason number one, this show is a little piece of history in that it's just never been done before, especially in this country. We're giving an hour of footage every night. It's high quality. It's not like a grainy daytime TV show. We really focus and put a lot of effort into making it high quality, well shot and well written. Two, it's just so much fun to watch. At first I thought that I was above those high school shows. Watching the first couple episodes though was not only a walk down memory lane for me, but it's actually a really fun show. The third reason is there's just so much drama in it. There's so much to talk about, so much to catch up on.

TWIST: Now we want to get to know a little more about you. Is it true that you went to college at age 10? Nick: Yeah, but I didn't do the full-on student thing. I decided to go the normal way. I took a math class across the street because I lived across the street from Southwestern University. I took a math class that was more aimed toward the English students who were going to be writers or earn liberal arts degrees. It was really interesting because it wasn't your run-of-the-mill math class. It was much more. They show you some of the things that are most common in mathematics and how they tie into the world around you. For example, one of our math problems was: figure out an algorithm that would help you put on your pants inside-out.

TWIST: That's so interesting! Nick: It was less math and just learning how to use a little bit of number theory to be really creative, use it to observe the world around you in a new way. I don't regret it at all. It was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

TWIST: That's really cool! So would you say that you're an academic? Nick: (laughs) An academic, maybe. But I'm a terrible student. I love learning. I love reading about things that interest me, going and seeing the world, observing everything and trying to put it all in the same framework. As far as straight-up academia goes, I don't know if I'd ever want a Ph.D., but I definitely do want to go back to college one day.

TWIST: Awesome! So what actors do you absolutely want to work with? Nick: Leonardo DiCaprio is one of them. I love seeing him work. He's amazing. Johnny Depp would be another really fun guy to work with, partially so I could say I worked with him and so I could take some guitar lessons from him. And John Cussak is another guy I'd like to work with, just because I really like the way he runs his whole career. He's always picked movies that he really likes, that he thinks are really good. You can tell that he always puts a lot of effort and love into it.

TWIST: Besides Hollywood Heights, do you have any upcoming projects? Nick: After Hollywood Heights I will be doing a film. Unfortunately I can really say any of the details of it because I haven't signed anything yet. But there is a lot of stuff coming in the future. It's a really exciting year for me. It's going to be a great year.

TWIST: What kinds of roles will you be looking for in the future? Nick: Well one of the reasons I really like acting is that it lets you explore the labyrinth of the human mind, to go in and see every room that's in someone's head. I have so much fun exploring so many different personalities, all these different people that I get to pretend to be. Whether it's a high schooler or Superman, I'll always be down to play the role because I really love my job.

TWIST: That's really great, Nick! Thanks for chatting with us! Nick: Thanks, TWIST!

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