TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Natasha Calis from The Possession!


TWIST just got off the phone with Natasha Calis who stars in the new horror movie The Possession! Natasha spilled to us all about the film! Check out our conversation below, and be sure to check out The Possession in theaters tomorrow!


TWIST: Can you tell us a little bit about your new movie? Natasha: The Possession comes out August 31st, and it's about this girl who finds a box at a garage sale that she becomes really obsessed with. The box contains a malicious demon, and the movie is about her family's journey to reunite and save her before it's too late.

TWIST: How did you relate to your character, Em? Natasha: Well one of the things that we really had in common is that she is super close with her family. Her family is kind of going through a hard time though. Her parents are separated and that's really affected her. I couldn't relate to that specifically, but I could really feel for her and what's she is going through. I feel bad for her, so I really tried to play that in the character.

TWIST: What was your favorite scene to shoot in the movie? Natasha: I had to do all of my own stunts, and I loved doing that. But one of gross things that happened was I had to have hundreds and hundreds of moths all over me. They just dumped a bucket on me, and they were crawling in my pajamas and my hair. I mean, at the time, I probably wouldn't say that was fun, but after it was finished, I was like, 'Yeah, that was kind of fun.'

TWIST: Cool! What other kinds of stunts did you get to do? Natasha: I had to like hang from the ceiling. I was all harnessed in, and we had an amazing stunt coordinator and stunt double that would demonstrate before each scene. So that was really fun.

TWIST: Had you done that kind of work before? Natasha: No I hadn't. This was my first really hands-on job that I got to really participate in my own stunts, which is really cool.

TWIST: How did the cast get along? Natasha: The cast got along so well. We became like a real family, and in between each scene, we'd joke around and make each other laugh. It was a really heavy movie, but it didn't appear to be on set because everybody was just so friendly, and it was such an amazing atmosphere.

TWIST: That sounds fun! Do you have any other upcoming Projects? Natasha: I've auditioned for a few projects, and we're waiting on those. In the meantime, I'm hoping to go back to normal school, hang with my friends, and I love to play soccer. I'll continue doing that and being a normal 13-year-old girl.

TWIST: Awesome! Thanks for chatting with us, Natasha! Natasha: Thanks, TWIST!

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