TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Midnight Red!


TWIST just caught up with Midnight Red! Thomas, Joey, Anthony, Colton and Eric spilled about how the group came together and they even gave us the deets on their new song "Hell Yeah"! Check out our exclusive convo below!


TWIST: Can you describe what your music is like for our readers? Thomas: Our music is pop music that anyone can sing along to! It's very catchy and dance oriented. Our music is definitely feel good music!

TWIST: What's the inspiration behind your new song "Hell yeah."? Eric: We recorded "Hell yeah" when we were in Paris with RedOne. We were in the studio recording our song and he's jamming out and having this giant writing session in the other room. He came out of the studio and said it's a single with a crazy smash and that we needed to record it! That was the day "Hell yeah" was born!

Thomas: "Hell yeah" completely captures Midnight Red's individuality and our character because we're all very different but it works!

TWIST: Was the video for "Hell yeah" Midnight Red's first music video? Colton: Yes it was our first video and we were so fortunate to get to work with Declan! We really had our own outlook on what we wanted the video to be like and he was so great at bringing in his own ideas too. We recorded the video at the bottom of a pool. It was so much fun!

TWIST: Tell me about the name Midnight Red. Where did it come from? Joey: One day I fell asleep and had a dream and a person in my dream told me to use the word midnight. I woke up and texted the guys about it and we decided to add the word red to it. We really liked the name, so it stuck!

TWIST: How did the group come together? Thomas: The group came together naturally! Eric and I were friends five years ago. We were doing a show together, which didn't really work and he went back to California and I went back to Texas. In California Eric met Anthony and they started putting together a group and then called me over to California to join. Colton happened to also be in California and we found him on Youtube. Joey and I met through a producer and then it was just magic!

TWIST: If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be? Anthony: An artist that would be great for Midnight Red to collab with is Rihanna. Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani would be a awesome too!

TWIST: What's next for Midnight Red? Eric: Just expect a lot from us because this is just the beginning of our career! Right now we're in the stage of perfecting everything for our album because our fans deserve the best!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us Midnight Red! Midnight Red: Thanks!

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