TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Melissa & Joey Star Nick Robinson!


TWIST recently chatted with Nick Robinson, star of ABC Family's Melissa & Joey! Nick told us about his relationship with co-star Taylor Spreitler, his favorite on-set moments, and even spilled some deets about the new season! Check out our conversation below and be sure to tune in to ABC Family on Wednesdays at 8/7c to catch Melissa & Joey!


TWIST: We're so excited for the new season of Melissa & Joey! Can you give us any spoilers from the first few episodes? NR: The new season picks up right where the old one left off. In our season finale, we had a tub falling through the ceiling, so the new season starts and Melissa and Joey are trying to make renovations on the house, but they can't always see eye to eye. Also, Lennox and Ryder both have some new love interests. That has been really fun!

TWIST: What has been your favorite moment of filming during the show so far? NR: That's tough! Actually, the tub falling through the ceiling is one of them. They had this whole big rig above the set and they said, "Action," and the tub just fell through! Another favorite moment was when I had my 16th birthday on set. The cast and crew threw me a surprise party and had the Laker girls come and there was also a cake. After that, we went to Six Flags! It was really fun and I wasn't expecting it.

TWIST: How many times did they have to do the tub scene over and over again? NR: They actually only did it twice, once before the audience came to make sure they had it and then once live to get the reaction. They had a curtain pulled around it so it was still a shock to the audience. It was still a shock for me even though it was the second time I had seen it!

TWIST: What is your relationship like with Taylor, your co-star on the show? NR: We've definitely developed a brother-sister type of relationship. After spending so much time together, the whole cast has really developed a great dynamic.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers watch the new season of Melissa & Joey? NR: I really think the show has come a long way and the characters have really started to be developed more by the writers. The overall dynamic of the show is much more comfortable and relaxed as we all get to know one another better.

TWIST: Do you have any embarrassing moments you'd like to share with us? NR: Right as school started, there was this girl I liked and we decided to go drive up to one of the Hollywood lookouts. So we drove up and parked on the side and went in. When we came out, my car wouldn't start because I had run out of gas! It was embarrassing to say the least. I had to call my dad and he had to come pick us up! Thankfully, everything turned out fine and she thought it was funny.

TWIST: Do you have any interesting or quirky habits that nobody else knows about? NR: I think people might already know this, but I can play the ukulele. I think that's really fun and it's pretty easy because it's only four strings.

TWIST: Very cool! Thanks so much for chatting with us! NR: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family

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