TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Maddie & Mackenzie Ziegler!


TWIST just chatted with the mega-talented sister duo Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler from Lifetime's Dance Moms! They talked about what it's like being recognized by fans, their encounter with Justin Bieber and more! Check out an all new episode of Dance Moms on Lifetime tonight at 9 pm.

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TWIST: What is the best thing about being on the show? Maddie & Mackenzie: Being with all our best friends and learning new dances every week

TWIST: What's the best thing you've been able to do as a result of the show? Maddie & Mackenzie: Meeting Justin Bieber and being able to go backstage at every Broadway show we go to!

TWIST: That's awesome, what was meeting Justin Bieber like? Maddie It was amazing, we almost started to cry when we talked to him!

TWIST: Is there anything that you wish they showed on Dance Moms that they don't? Maddie & Mackenzie: How close all of us girls and Moms really are. MORE DANCING!!! TWIST: Mackenzie, what's it like being the youngest dancer on the team? Is it ever overwhelming? Mackenzie: I'm everyone's little sister, being the baby on the show is fun!! All the girls are so cute to me.

TWIST: How do kids at school react? Maddie & Mackenzie: They treat us the same, nothing has changed except with the boys, haha

TWIST: Are you recognized a lot and what's that like? Do you like having fans? Maddie & Mackenzie: Everywhere we go we get recognized. Our fans are so amazing!! We get lots and lots of fan mail.

TWIST: What are your favorite solos and group dances? Mackenzie: My favorite group was "Final Text" because it really teaches a lesson. My favorite solo was "Daisy Chains" because I loved the costume and the dance. Maddie: "Pink Lemonade"is my favorite group number because I loved the dance and costume. "Berlin" was my favorite solo because it was so challenging!

TWIST: This week's episode was FULL of drama -- any inside scoop you can give us about what's coming up in the season? Maddie & Mackenzie: Our lips are sealed ;) Photo: Courtesy of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler

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