TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Kelsey Chow!


TWIST just talked to Kelsey Chow who plays Mikayla in Pair of Kings, which has its season three premiere tonight! Kelsey spilled all about the brand new season, working with Adam Hicks, and funny moments from the set! Check out our conversation below and be sure to check out season three of Pair of Kings on Disney XD tonight at 8:30PM!


TWIST: Tell us about the new season of Pair of Kings! Kelsey: We've been working really hard since February, coming up with good episodes for you guys. We've got a lot of the same adventures and a lot of new adventures as well, especially with our new cast member, Adam Hicks. We've had so much fun shooting this season with the crazy characters that are on the show. It's just been a really good season.

TWIST: Your character Mikayla ended last season on an interesting note. What can you tell us about her storyline this season? Kelsey: That's right, a very interesting note. I'm excited that happened! I think at the opening of this season, she's not quite ready for the relationship. I think Brady has a lot of growing up to do. He actually overhears that conversation and so he realizes within himself that he does need to grow up a little bit. From there, there's a huge storm on the island, which brings in the character of Boz, Adam Hicks' character. It's actually a really interesting dynamic because Brady was head over heels for Mikayla, and Mikayla actually reminds Boz of a past girlfriend that broke his heart, so he hates Mikayla! So that was a really fun dynamic that I was happy to play.

TWIST: Totally! How are you similar or different from Mikayla? Kelsey: We have a lot of similar qualities, especially in this season. She's become more of a friend to the boys, but she's also let out her inner dork. She's a horrible dancer and she's really nerdy. She's been so much fun to play this season, especially because I can identify with the dorky qualities. At the same time though, she's a really tough girl, and she's much cooler than me. I'm lucky to play her for sure.

TWIST: Like you said, Adam Hicks joined the cast this season. What has it been like working with him on set? Kelsey: It's been great! Adam is such a great guy. He's really sweet, he's a little shy, but he's really funny. Especially going into season three, he's been incredible. I feel like with each episode he just gets funnier and funnier. He's really good at improv and he throws different things at us in takes that are really fun to play against. It's been a really great experience, and we're glad to have him.

TWIST: Do you have any on-set funny moments in particular from filming this season? Kelsey: I feel like all of our tapings result in funny moments! Just like last night, Adam had to flick boogers on me. Don't worry! Not real boogers! But once again, his improv is great. Sometimes he's flicking them, sometimes he's rubbing them in Mikayla's hair - who knows! With each episode, we have crazy special effects and very abnormal situations, which always brings the funny moments. We've got pranksters in the crew. That always keeps it fun.

TWIST: That does sound fun! How do you balance working on Pair of Kings and going to school at the same time? Kelsey: It can be a bit challenging. I'm really lucky because Columbia has been very supportive with Pair of Kings. With me going to school in New York, it's really not possible for me to do both at the same time. I take a leave of absence while I'm working and then while I have a space of time free when I can fit in a semester, I go back. With the season's schedule, it's worked out wonderfully. It's fun. It's nice to kind of live both worlds, to live in LA and go back to New York. I really appreciate the opportunity to do both. Of course it's a bit overwhelming sometimes, but I'd never take it back.

TWIST: Do you have a preference? New York or LA? Kelsey: You know, I got the opportunity to work in New York for a couple weeks, and that was really cool. But I always miss the other. When I'm in New York, I miss LA, and vice versa.

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us, Kelsey. Kelsey: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Disney XD

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