TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Kady Z!


Up-and-coming artist Kady Z stopped by the TWIST office today! Kady spilled all about her music style, her musical influences, and what it was like to shoot her very first music video! She even performed an awesome acoustic version of her single, "Beautiful Disaster"! Check out Kady Z's shout-out to TWIST readers, her performance, and our conversation below!


Photo: Courtesy of Christina Jedra

TWIST: You're just starting out, but you already have 170,000 views on VEVO! How did you break into the business? Kady: Well, we put the video out, and we strived for the best. It's a lot of hard work. People think that it's easy, but you have to really work and push the positivity because sometimes you don't really get that in return.

TWIST: What are you trying to accomplish with your music? Kady: We're going for a fun, party time sound. I think that right now the world is kind of a scary place. If you can just turn on a song and feel good, happy and comforted for five minutes, that's kind of what we're going for.

TWIST: What is the album release date? Kady: That's a good question! It's in the fall, but we're not sure. Sometime in September.

TWIST: Do you have a favorite song from your upcoming album? Kady: It's hard to say. They're all kind of amazing. It's really weird, but they were all so much fun to work on. Hopefully they sound as fun as they were to record.

TWIST: Are you planning to tour after the album release? Kady: Yes! We're planning a tour for the fall, for a month to six weeks.

TWIST: Cool! Where are you going? Kady: Everywhere! Everywhere in the U.S.

TWIST: Who are some of your musical influences? Kady: I have a lot. Robyn, Gwen Stefani. I listened to a lot of the Carpenters growing up because my mom is obsessed. Boys II Men were amazing. I also listened to Milli Vanilli. John Lennon was one of my huge influences. The song 'In My Life', I can't listen to it that much because I want to preserve the feeling, like when you turn on a song and it just makes you cry. So I just don't listen to it that much.

TWIST: Your single 'Beautiful Disaster' is really catchy, and you shot a music video for it. What was it like shooting your first music video? Kady: It was scary, but it was fun! It was scary more because of the anticipation. Once you get there, and everyone's like, 'Come here, do this,' it was fun.

TWIST: We loved what you were wearing in the video! How would you describe you personal style? Kady: It is a fun day in the park mixed with some kind of glamorous charm.

TWIST: Sounds like how you would describe your music too! Kady: Yeah, exactly!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us, Kady! Kady: Thank you!

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