TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Jessica Ashley!


We just chatted with YouTube sensation Jessica Ashley! The up-and-coming artist told us all about her sound, her first official music video, and the super famous musician she wants to collaborate with (HINT: He got his start on YouTube too!). Check out our conversation below and be sure to check out Jessica's YouTube channel!


TWIST: Can you describe your sound in the music that you make? JA: I think the music that I make is approachable to all age groups. I have a few records coming out on my EP called Prelude in June. There is a song called "Neverland", which is very young, fresh, fun, and romantic. There are also a few serious and more emotional records that are more relatable to for the older audience, like my new song, "I tried". Overall, I try to convey an emotional and powerful message.

TWIST: Where do you get your love of music? Who are some of your inspirations? JA: I've always loved music. I've been playing the piano since I was a little kid, so I've always been around music. I think Alicia Keys, Adele, and Mariah Carey are always my biggest inspirations. I would even say that Selena Gomez is an inspiration to me because her music is always fun and flirty.

TWIST: You write your own music, right? JA: Yep! I also co-write. If I hear a song that a different writer wrote and I really relate to it, I'll try and sing that song too.

TWIST: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you're writing your music? JA: I get a lot of my inspiration from personal experiences. Honestly, I also draw a lot of inspiration from movies, like The Notebook and The Vow. Something will click, and I'll suddenly go to the piano and start writing.

TWIST: That's really cool! Can you tell me about your new music video? What was it like to film it? JA: "Souvenir" is the first official music video that I've ever done, and it is also one of the first songs that I've released so far. The production of the music video was a fun yet lengthy process, and everybody on set was really cool! It was really exciting to have a big role in the writing of the script and concept. "Souvenir" has already been released on YouTube!

TWIST: Congratulations! You've worked with a lot of cool producers and writers in the last year. Who are some artists whom you are absolutely dying to work with? JA: I would love to work with Mio; he is my favorite writer in the game right now! Obviously, everyone wants to work with Bieber. I think it would be really cool to do a duet with him, especially because I love his new sound; it's so fresh! I also want to do a duet with Adele or a feature with Alicia Keys.

TWIST: Why do you think our readers will love your music? JA: I think they will love it because they are looking for the same things that I was in search of at that age. They want music to be fun, and also a way for them to express themselves. I feel like a lot of my songs will really get their attention, especially my new single, "Neverland". The music video is about a girl, who is trapped in a cruel world. Suddenly, she meets this guy and he takes her to Neverland, which is this new, magical world. It's clearly a play on Peter Pan and Wendy. I feel like a lot of girls and even boys will be able to relate to it.

TWIST: Was "Neverland" the video that you filmed with Justin Gaston? JA: Yes! That was an amazing experience!

TWIST: I bet it was! Do you have any upcoming projects that our readers should know about? JA: Yes, definitely! My EP is coming out in early June and it's called Prelude. Everyone should look out for it! I would really appreciate the support! My YouTube page is youtube/jessicaashleyk, so stay tuned! There is a cover coming out soon and more videos are going to be posted. Also, I am performing at Bitter End in NYC almost every week in June, along with performances at Pianos mostly Friday and Saturday nights. I'll keep that all posted on my Twitter. You can follow me @XOJessicaAshley.

TWIST: Awesome! Thanks for chatting with us! JA: Thanks!

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