TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Harley Graham!


We just got off the phone with Harley Graham! Harley plays Kim in the brand new surfing movie Chasing Mavericks! She spilled to TWIST all about the movie, her character, and her upcoming project! Check out our conversation below, and be sure to check out Chasing Mavericks in theaters October 26th!


TWIST: Tell us all about your new movie Chasing Mavericks! Harley: Chasing Mavericks is about a boy names Jay Moriarty, and he's the youngest maverick surfer. He surfed the mavericks at 16, and that's why he's famous. I start the story by starting his relationship with Kim, who, later on, becomes his wife.

TWIST: Can you tell me about your character Kim? Harley: Kim is a sweet girl who is older than Jay. She finds him funny and is his best friend.

TWIST: Cool! How do you think you are similar or different from your character? Harley: I'm similar because she loves animals, and I love animals. And I hang out with a lot of boys, and she wants to be tomboyish.

TWIST: What was it like to play the younger version of another character for this movie? Harley: I never actually got to meet Leven [Rambin, who plays older Kim], but I know what she was like. I think I could relate to my character. I think it was pretty easy, rather than doing somebody who is completely different from me.

TWIST: What was your favorite thing about filming the movie? Harley: The directors were really experienced, and I learned a lot from them. Working with the Beagle was really cool, too! I have a dog in the movie, and she runs down the cliff and Jay runs in after her, but Jay gets swept away, and that's how he meets Gerard Butler.

TWIST: Do you have any other upcoming projects? Harley: Actually I'm working on one right this minute! It's a new Disney movie. I'm working on the new Buddy movie called Super Buddy! They turn into super heroes, and they stop an evil. I play the owner of Rose Bud.

TWIST: Sounds like fun! Who are some of your favorite people that you've worked with? Harley: I would love to work with Curtis Hanson [director of Chasing Mavericks] again! My favorite person that I've worked with so far, no offense to all the other people, is Danny DeVito. He was hilarious!

TWIST: Awesome! Thanks for chatting with us, Harley! Harley: Thanks, TWIST!

Photo: Startraks

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