TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Garrett Backstrom!


TWIST just chatted with Garrett Backstrom! Garrett dished on how he got into acting and what it's like playing Ethan on Lab Rats. Check out the exclusive convo below and be sure to check out Lab Rats on Disney Channel!


TWIST: Can you tell us what its like playing Ethan on Lab Rats? Garrett Backstrom: It was really great to get the role as Ethan because I already knew two of the cast members on the show. Billy Unger is a really close friend of mine so it's great that I'm able to work with him.

TWIST: How are you and Ethan similar or different? Garrett Backstrom: We're both pretty average kids who have a lot of friends and are both very sociable. It was a very easy character to relate to just because we've shared similar experiences. He's a guy who has a crush on a girl and wants to ask her to the dance. I can relate to that because I once had to get the guts to ask a girl to the dance too.

TWIST: What was the vibe like on the set of Lab Rats? Garrett Backstrom: The vibe was great! I got to know the creator and the director very well and the first episode that I did was awesome. Once I got to the second episode it was very easy because I knew all the cast members and the crew. Everybody's really nice to me and I actually loved working on the project.

TWIST: What's it like performing your own stunts? Do you have any training to prepare you for them? Garrett Backstrom: I was a gymnast for 11 years and trained at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. I told the director of my last movie that I'm very good with my own stunts and so he let me try it and agreed with me. I have a lot of martial arts experience too so it's just easy for me to snap into the whole martial arts realm.

TWIST: How did you get into acting? Garrett Backstrom: I was watching American Idol with my mom one day and I saw a commercial that said they were looking to hire local talent. I thought it was interesting so I went and read these simple lines for a commercial and they loved me. Then I auditioned in Utah in front of a bunch of casting directors, producers, and agents. They really believed in me and everything kind of fell into place. It was like it was meant to be.

TWIST: Thanks Garrett! Garrett Backstrom: Thanks TWIST!

Photo Credit: Startraks

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