TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with G. Hannelius!


TWIST just chatted with G. Hannelius from the upcoming Disney Channel show Dog With a Blog. G spilled on the audition process for Dog With a Blog, funny moments from set and what her character, Avery, is like on the show! Check out our exclusive convo below and don't forget to check out Dog With a Blog airing this fall on the Disney Channel!


TWIST: Can you tell us a little about Dog with a Blog? GH: Dog with a Blog is about two families that come together after the parents get married, and because of all the kids and their different personalities, the parents decide to get us a dog to give us something in common. We soon find out that the dog can talk and that it actually has a blog.

TWIST: What can we expect for this season? GH: There are exciting moments! Not only do we have a dog, but we also have a parrot and a 750-pound pig in episodes. So you'll have to watch and see what happens with that.

TWIST: Tell me about your character. GH: I play Avery. She's really smart and an uptight, play-by-the-rules type of gal.

TWIST: How do you relate to her? GH: I really like to have fun, so I'm not as uptight as her. But I really think our style is very similar. Also, she does really well in school and she loves school, so I think I relate to her in that way as well.

TWIST: What was the audition process for the show like? GH: The audition process was very fun. I got to audition with Blake and Francesca and a bunch of people. It was long, but they were just trying to find the character. They changed a bunch of stuff, but I think we ended up with a really great end result.

TWIST: On the show, you and Blake Michael play stepsiblings who don't really get along. How do you get along in real life? GH: Blake is awesome! We have so much fun on and off set. Actually, we play in the park together! There's a fake playset in the park, so we like to play on that. We all have a blast together.

TWIST: Do you have any funny memories from the set? GH: Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi and I hang out together and have lunch n the dressing rooms. Plus, there are all these little nooks and crannies on set that we like to hang out in. It's very fun.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers check out your show? GH: The show is perfect for everyone. Parents will laugh at the parents on the show. There are three different kinds of kids that the readers could relate to, each in their own special way. The dog is adorable and it'll make you laugh.

TWIST: Any upcoming Projects? GH: Right now I'm really focusing on Dog with a Blog. But I've been in the "Buddy" movies. So Spooky Buddies was out recently, and Treasure Buddies, and I play the dog Rosebud in those. I guess I just love acting with dogs!

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us G! GH: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Disney Channel

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