TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Figure It Out Host Jeff Sutphen!


Nickelodeon's famed 90's game show, Figure It Out, is back! TWIST recently chatted with host Jeff Sutphen, who spilled to us about the cool contestants, his own hidden talent, and - of course - which of your fave celebs will be slimed! Check out our exclusive interview with Jeff below, and be sure to tune into the premiere of Figure It Out tonight at 7 on Nickelodeon! Will you be watching tonight?


TWIST: What can TWIST readers expect from Figure It Out? JS: The biggest thing you can expect is a really good time! There's tons of fun and there's tons of crazy skills. You get to see all of your favorite Nickelodeon stars in a completely different way. They're not playing the characters that they play on the shows - it's just them being themselves! They're totally out of their elements and getting messy as they try to figure things out! TWIST: That sounds great! Is there any word on who the celebrity judges will be? JS: We've taken pretty much everybody from your favorite Nickelodeon shows, like Cymphonique Miller from How To Rock, Jennette McCurdy from iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Victoria Justice - all the big guys came out to play. Make no mistake about it - we worked those guys. We worked them hard!

TWIST: How has the show changed, if at all, from the original one in the 90's? JS: The show in the 90's was so popular and did so well that the approach was to really not mess with the winning formula. The game play is all the same: we have a contestant who has a hidden talent, skill or crazy odd hobby and we have a panel for yes or no questions. But we've increased the amount of mess! There's tons more slime, and it comes from all different areas! Instead of just dropping it, we have it shoot up in their faces. The clues come in from everywhere, including being shot out of a cannon! Some come down out of a 'clue coaster.' Then, of course, there is 'Clue Force Three,' and they come out and give clues as well! Also, the contestant can get slimed - there is a 'word of honor' up on the board, and if the panel guesses the word, the contestant gets slimed! TWIST: That sounds so awesome. We can't wait to see it! Could you describe the funniest moment that has happened on set so far? JS: We had a contestant who was a circus performer, and his hidden talent was that he could lie on a bed of nails. There was only one word left for the panel to guess, and it was the word of honor - and he knew if they guessed it he would be slimed! In a split second, he jumped of the chair and darted off stage before that slime even hit him! I couldn't believe it! I look over, and he is standing on the side of the stage like, 'No way!' And I'm looking at him like, 'I'm not getting slimed!' So he ran all the way backstage, and they chased him down and brought him back. They held him in the chair, and they slimed him! It was an awesome moment, and the kid was a great sport about it. It was just one of those things that you never expected to happen, but it just did!

TWIST: That sounds really funny! JS: We had a similar moment when Jennette McCurdy didn't want to be slimed. Whenever there was a bell or an alarm that went off, she was so nervous about getting slimed that she pretty much jumped out of her chair! All of the other panelists got slimed but her, because she kept getting out of the way! And when I'm around, that's not happening on my watch. I walked over and put her back in her chair. The crowd was cheering for it, so we released the hounds on that one too.

TWIST: That's hysterical. Can you give us any spoilers about a specific hidden talent that a contestant had that really sticks out to you? JS: We had a nine- year-old girl who holds the world-record for power-lifting. She beat a 44 year-old woman to take the world record, and she squatted 215 pounds! She's just looks like a regular girl, and all of the sudden she puts the weights on the bar, and she squatting all this weight. You're like, 'Oh my gosh!' It's amazing! Another contestant started his own business selling 'man-scented' candles, like freshly cut grass, sawdust, or bacon. He makes the candles in soup cans, and he goes to the local soup kitchen and donates and serves all of the soup there! The contestants blew my mind every day. They were just so good.

TWIST: If you were a contestant on the show, what would be your hidden talent? JS: From seventh grade through high school, I was a competitive cross-country skier. I actually went to the Junior Olympics and competed!

TWIST: That's awesome! Why should TWIST readers tune in to Figure It Out when it premieres on June 11th? JS: It's just a really fun show! It's something that you can play along with at home if you want. You're going to get to see all of your favorite Nick stars just be in a completely different environment. If you're a fan of Big Time Rush, iCarly, Victoria, How to Rock, you name it, we have them on the show, and we're going to get them messy. They're all going to have a good time. You're going to see them acting like fools. You're going to see kids with amazing talents, and maybe see a little bit of me in there too. I just think it's a really fun time. It will be a really good show to say, 'You know what? This is going to be a really good way to end my day.' TWIST: Great! Thank you so much for chatting with us! JS: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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