TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Dylan Riley Snyder!


TWIST just got off the phone with Kickin' It star, Dylan Riley Snyder! He dished about working with Leo Howard and Olivia Holt, what to expect on the rest of the season and how much he loves puzzles! Check out our conversation below and don't forget to catch Kickin' It on Disney XD!


TWIST: This season has definitely evolved - what can we expect in the remaining shows? Dylan Riley: With the remaining shows of this season you can expect a lot more wild episodes! The cool thing about our show is the adventures we go on. They're not normal adventures you would think of but there are new things that continue to surprise even us actors when we go in.

T: Cool! With martial arts being such an intense sport, how did you get comfortable with doing so many karate moves? DR: I'm still not even comfortable! When we started we had a two-week boot camp where we trained karate and practiced some kicks and punches. It was only two weeks so it wasn't enough to really get good at it but it was enough to kind of learn what we're doing and be able to do a proper punch and a proper kick. Everything is based around the basic moves, so after that it's just maintaining the proper kicks and punches and just learning everything after wards.

T: Awesome! How would you say you relate to your character Milton? DR: We're alike in a lot of ways. We're both pretty good at school, we both get A's and we both have parents that support us. We're pretty much the same in general. The main difference is he's more socially awkward and he doesn't connect with people as much as I do. But then again we both gain our confidence from something we love doing - in my case it's acting; in his case it's karate.

T: Cool! You work with co-stars from so many other former Disney shows and movies, so what is the vibe like on set? DR: We're such a great cast. Literally it was paired up so nicely. It's like we're all best friends so the vibe is really light. Our first assistant director is a real jokester. So on some days when we're a little tired, he'll get the party going. He'll do things like throw water balloons at us right when we're walking back from lunch and it would start a riot. It's always fun though! And it's a good feeling cast!

T: How is it working with Leo and Olivia? DR: Working with them is great! Leo is practically a martial arts master! He's been doing it for years, so he helped us out a lot with that. Olivia's great, she used to do gymnastics so she's good with the whole kicking thing. Working with them is awesome! It's a great experience to work with them and be part of this cast and I'm learning so much from being around Jason and Leo.

T: Cool! Do you have any weird or quirky habit that makes you unique? DR: I love hands-on puzzles! It's something that runs in my family, I guess, and we seem to have a lot of patience. For example, I took a trip one day and I was on a long train ride and I was determined to solve this puzzle! After a long time - about four hours - I was finally able to solve it. I guess that's something that makes me unique. It's part of a weird habit that I have where I keep going until my eyes are bloodshot, and, hands are cramping but I keep going.

T: OMG! What can our readers expect next from you? Do you have anything you're working on? DR: Right now I don't have any acting projects going on. Next month I will be heading to Boston to kind of interact with people, talk to fans, take pictures and hang out. We just came off Kickin' It season two so I'm taking a little down time.

T: Awesome! Well thanks so much for speaking with us! DR: No problem. Thank you!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Disney XD

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