TWIST Exclusive: TWIST chats with Dylan O'Brien!


TWIST just chatted with Dylan O'Brien about his new movie The First Time! He gave us the deets about the movie and his character, Dave! Check out our exclusive convo below.


TWIST: Can you tell us about The First Time? Dylan O'Brien: It's this story about young love and young firsts. It's a really nice, grounded and real, relatable story of just being in high school.

TWIST: Can you tell us about your character, Dave? Dylan O'Brien: Dave's a senior and you get the idea that he's never had a girlfriend because he's shy with girls. At the beginning of the movie, he's rehearsing to himself a love letter that he has written his best friend, Jane, played by Victoria Justice, who he's in love with. He's going through this all for the first time. He's feeling certain ways and trying to respond to them and doesn't know if he's doing it right.

TWIST: How do you relate to Dave? Dylan O'Brien: I kind of shy away from feelings and sharing feelings and he's not that way. He's very external. But I'm obviously very much him, because he comes from me. I had similar experiences in high school. I was kind of the same way with girls, in the sense that I was shy with them, but I loved them. I didn't really have a girlfriend until I was a junior in high school.

TWIST: How did the cast get along? Dylan O'Brien: Being on set was amazing. It was mainly Britt, John, and me most of the time. The three of us from day one got along really well, so that was great. It was a really good, genuine friendship with the three of us so we got really close before we even started shooting.

TWIST: Can you tell me in one sentence why TWIST readers should go check out The First Time? Dylan O'Brien: I think they should check it out because it's really sweet, and I think it's how they should enter the world of high school.

TWIST: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. Dylan O'Brien: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/MTV

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