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We just chatted with Debby Ryan who spilled all about her Disney Channel movie Radio Rebel - she got to play a teen who has a super secret life as a DJ! She told us about filming, bonding with the cast, and how she keeps in touch with her former co-stars. Be sure to check out Radio Rebel on DVD, in stores June 19!

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TWIST: Hey Debby! Tell us one reason that TWIST readers should absolutely go out and get Radio Rebel on DVD! D: I think it's fun. It's a fun kind of summer party movie, very festive all the way around. There are big group dance scenes and there's an amazing soundtrack.

T: Great! Can you tell us what your favorite part about filming the movie was? D: The cast was amazing. And hanging out with them was super fun and getting to know them.

T: Are there any people you're thinking of in particular when you say that or any moments that you had with the cast where you guys really bonded? D: Well Sarena [Parmar], who plays Audrey, my best friend, and I just basically laughed through the entire process. I would say probably Adam DiMarco and Atticus [Mitchell] - they are so funny. They are the funniest kids. The other day I was texting Adam and talking about how much I miss him and he was hanging out with Atticus. They were in this hotel because they were in Toronto and they made a video in the shower of this hotel with a ukulele! They're singing the song from Blue Valentine but they're bringing out a bunch of inside jokes and all of our references and singing it crazy. I mean, it's stuff like that that happened the entire time.

T: So you were saying that you kept in touch with Adam. Have you met up with him at all? D: We filmed in Vancouver so a lot of them are from Canada. It's a total bummer, but you know what? They came down for the premiere and I hung out with them so that was great. Yeah, [Adam] and I, when he was here, he came over and made music in our studio. When I went to Vancouver, it's kind of their turf. Like, they're home and they know all the cool restaurants. I went there three or four times... but it was cool to be able to show them [around], once they were here, my place - to share that with them.

T: Absolutely. Now I know Radio Rebel was based on a book before it became a movie. Did you read the book before you got the role or did you read it afterwards? D: I read the script first and then I read the book. I wanted to read the script first because I knew it was going to be a script that I would be doing. But that was actually before I was even attached to the project. It was just sent from Disney and they were like, 'Alright well we want to hear what you think about this project.' And they know that I will give them a very honest opinion. And I did, and I was really into it. I just feel like, from the beginning, watching this entire thing come together, watching this entire process, was amazing. And after I read the script, I read the book, and I kind of noticed what I loved about the book that wasn't in the script and vice versa. But yeah, it kind of became this process, which is, 'This is what I like, this is what I don't like, this is what I think we should have that we don't have in the book.' I very much played a kind of mini-producer role, as far as just having my say in it. What makes me so passionate, is that I only work on projects that I absolutely love, which kind of is a catch-22 because if I have a project, I'm going to work really really hard on it and make it as awesome as possible. But, that also means that if I have a project, I'm going to make sure that it's something I can absolutely believe in. This is definitely no exception.

T: Definitely! Do you have any upcoming projects? D: I am writing a song in the Ryan River studio and we always have all sorts of music being made [there]. Jessie has a brand new episode Friday night. They're actually getting funnier and funnier and more epic, and a little bit more sarcastic. There's also a Radio Rebel soundtrack. So that's coming out and the DVD is obviously coming out. So the soundtrack is like a partner with the DVD.

T: Awesome! Thanks so much Debby! D: Thanks!

Photo: Courtesy of the Disney Channel

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