TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Danielle Campbell


TWIST recently spoke to Danielle Campbell who plays Cindy in the new movie Madea's Witness Protection Program! Danielle spilled all about the movie and her favorite scene to shoot! Check out our conversation below!


TWIST: Tell us all about your new movie Madea's Witness Protection Program! Danielle: It was a blast to work on! I've been watching the Madea movies since I was a little girl, and Tyler Perry was awesome to work with. He is the king of improv. I got to work with all these actors that I've been watching since I was little: Eugene Levy, Romeo Miller, Denise Richards. They were all awesome. I feel like we didn't stick to the script very much because everyone was just rolling off their lines. They were all so gifted with going off of each other. It was really cool to work with them. The crew, the cast, everyone was just great. I had so much fun.

TWIST: That sounds awesome! How are you similar or different from your character? Danielle: Well, I hope I'm very different from my character. She's very spoiled. But like any girl, she doesn't know how to deal with this situation of needing to go into this witness protection program. Like any girl, I'd be upset. She left her friends and her family, and she wasn't able to talk to anybody. So I definitely understand why she was upset, but I think I'm a lot more approachable than she is.

TWIST: You said you had a lot of fun on set. Do you have any funny memories that stick out to you? Danielle: Well Devan and I - he plays my younger brother Howie in the movie - we would joke around with each other nonstop on set. But one of the scenes Tyler and I filmed is one where I get a bucket of water dumped on me. We would be screaming at each other, trying to get the reactions for the person that was on camera. So we were yelling at each other and getting to the point where we had to stop filming because we were both cracking up. It was so funny! We just had a lot of fun filming that scene.

TWIST: Definitely! Do you have any other upcoming projects TWIST readers should know about? Danielle: I'm actually in Atlanta currently shooting a guest star role on a show called Drop Dead Diva. So that's what I'm working on right now. And then I'm going to California and I'll be auditioning some more. There are a few other things in the works but they're not far enough along to say anything yet.

TWIST: Cool! Thanks for talking to us, Danielle! Danielle: Thank you!

Photo: Startraks

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