TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Cymphonique Miller!


TWIST just chatted with How to Rock star, Cymphonique Miller! She spilled to us about exclusive deets on upcoming shows, her message for empowering girls and who she would love to work with in the future! Check out our conversation below and don't forget to catch the newest episodes of How to Rock on Nickelodeon!


TWIST: So How has your life changed since the show began and while it continuously becomes more popular? Cymphonique: I think mainly, it's pretty much the same because my family treats me exactly the same. I still have to wash the dishes sometimes, my family's like "We don't care how famous you get, you still have to do your chores," like picking up the dog's poo and feeding the dog. But, one thing I would have to say is that the fans have been so awesome supporting me! And just seeing the family grow is great, because it started off with me having a lot of Internet videos. And to see all of those people there from the beginning, I think that probably has been the biggest thing that has changed - for me to have just a bigger family and a huge support team.

TWIST: Awesome! When filming How to Rock do you enjoy singing or acting more? C: I always get asked this question and it's a really hard one! I love them both. But, I would have to say with acting, I can sing and dance with it, so I think that's one reason why I love acting, because singing and dancing can be a part of it. I really just can't chose. I love them all.

TWIST: Cool. So who would you love to work with in the future - acting or singing wise? C: Hmm let's see, there's a lot of really good ones out there right now. I like Hailee Steinfield's stuff. I like Zoe Saldana, she's beautiful and can kick butt! That's awesome to me! Also, Beyonce would be a fun one to do. If Michael Jackson was still alive he would be at the top of my list. And, also Taylor Swift.

TWIST: Great! So you're the spokesperson for the girls' empowerment company 'Be Your Own You.' Do you have any messages for girls to make them feel empowered? C: Yes! I feel like comparison is always the enemy of being happy. Sometimes we can look at ourselves and be like 'Yeah, I feel good. I like this,' and then you look at something somebody else has and you're like 'Well, maybe I don't like what I have as much.' And I think that sometimes you just have to be comfortable with your own skin and know that everybody feels that way. You should just love yourself and know that no one's perfect! I would say once you accept that, it's pretty much easy. Also, not worrying what everybody thinks all the time is good, because that's just life. People are going to judge you and criticize, but you still have to be happy.

TWIST: Awesome! So before you go, are there any upcoming episode spoilers? C: Hmmmm... yes! There will be an upcoming episode where my brother is actually on the show and we may or may not do a song together! [wink, wink] Oh! there's going to be a show with a special guest superstar and you'll get to see Gravity 5 actually perform it's first concert on How to Rock, so I'm excited for everyone to see that one! And there's going to actually be three songs in that episode ... so it's going to be a three song whammy!

TWIST: Well thanks so much for speaking with us! C: No problem! Thanks!

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Pozsonyi

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