TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Conor Maynard!


Conor Maynard just stopped by TWIST's offices to spill the deets on his new album, Contrast, and what he's up to next! Check out our exclusive convo and video below, and make sure to check out Contrast, on sale in the US January 8!


TWIST: Your new album, Contrast, comes out on January 8 in the US. Can you tell us a little more about it? Conor Maynard: It's already been out in the UK--released back in July/August and it went to number one, which is obviously incredible! That was insane! I had a chance to work with people like Pharrell Williams, Ne-Yo, Frank Ocean and Rita Ora. And I got a chance to really put across my musical standpoint. There's something on there for everyone.

TWIST: Which songs would TWIST readers love the most? CM: There's a song called 'Another One' on there and they'd really love that. It's very catchy, with a very pop chorus. I think they'd like 'Just In Case' as well. It's about those more difficult break ups. They could dance to 'Animal,' which is a more upbeat, just fun song.

TWIST: Why is the album called Contrast? CM: There's a contrast within the album: there are the big, upbeat dance songs all the way down to the slower, sweet ballad songs. It's a contrast from what's already out there--there's nothing quite like it right now. And it's a contrast from what people are expecting of me--that young, pop-y thing--there are other elements to it.

TWIST: Who would you say are your musical influences? CM: Wow, I'd say I had a lot of different influences growing up. My parents listened to people like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Then when I became a teenager, I listened to people like Usher, Mario, Ne-Yo, and Justin Timberlake--R&B and pop artists. Right now, it's a lot of rap, like Jay-Z and Kanye West.

TWIST: What's next for you? Do you have any plans to tour in America? CM: Yes! In December! At the moment it's going through a voting system--fans vote for the cities they want me to perform in. It's on! I will go to the five cities that receive the most votes in December and the shows will be completely free. I'm really looking forward to that!

Photo Credit: Courtesy Danielle Pozsonyi

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