TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Cody Simpson!


TWIST just got off the phone with Cody Simpson! He spilled about his new movie Finding Cody, his new album Paradise, and the crazy year ahead! Check out our convo below!


TWIST: Your YouTube movie Finding Cody is out today! Can you tell us about it? Cody Simpson: It's an interactive movie for my fans. It's the journey of two fans that are grounded and they sneak out of the house and try their best to make it backstage and into the concert. It's going to be cool for my fans to be able to take that journey and make their own decisions!

TWIST: How did you come up with the idea? CS: My manager actually came to me with the idea. He was like, 'Cody, do you want to act a little bit?' I was like, 'Yeah, sure, yeah!' I'm always down to try new things! We thought it out kind of quickly, got it shot, and next thing you know, it's out! So that's pretty cool.

TWIST: Would you say acting is something you'd want to do more of in the future? CS: Definitely in the future. I have my album coming out. I really want to establish the music side before I try to branch out into other things. But, I honestly really enjoyed the whole acting thing. It was a lot of fun! It came kind of naturally. That was the first time I'd acted, so, it's cool!

TWIST: What was your favorite scene to film? CS: I got to put on a real concert as part of the film. So we actually gave out a couple hundred tickets to fans to be a part of the film. And we filmed it in Downtown Disney.

TWIST: Paradise is coming out soon! Are you excited? CS: I'm nervous and I'm excited. I honestly don't really know how to feel! All I know is that I'm confident that the music I've created is great and that I believe in it, so I just hope that everyone else does as well! I'm also nervous because it's going to be the first thing that a lot of people hear from me. We've taken our sweet time with it and I've really worked hard on it and making sure that it's really unique to me.

TWIST: You're also going on tour in Europe in a couple months! CS: Yes, in November. I just released the dates, actually. I'm doing 10 shows. I'm pretty stoked to be going there. I've never been to Europe before.

TWIST: Are you excited to see anything in particular while you're over there? CS: I'm really looking forward to going to Paris, because I have a day off there. Definitely looking forward to Paris and London! I don't really know what to expect, but I'm excited. I love being a 'jet setter' at such a young age!

TWIST: Will you be touring in America soon? CS: Definitely next year. Probably around February or March.

TWIST: Thanks for sharing! CS: Thank you!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Karl Mattson

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