TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Cody Simpson!


TWIST recently talked with Cody Simpson about his brand new album Preview to Paradise! Cody dished to TWIST about his music, his YouTube movie and what his pre-show ritual will be while on tour with Big Time Rush this summer! Check out our chat below and be sure to listen to Preview to Paradise!

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TWIST: So why don't you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from the Preview to Paradise? Cody: It's pretty exciting. I just wanted to make sure I gave my fans a little taste of the album, you know, so they didn't die waiting for it. It's four great songs, including two that are out online already, "So Listen" and this one called "Got Me Good" - two real cool summery tracks. It's really summery, a lot of acoustic guitar, stuff that's true to me, so there's "So Listen" and then the single called "Wish You Were Here" that's super pop/dance-y. I'm really excited.

TWIST: So tell me, how different will Preview to Paradise be from the full-length album? Will it be a similar vibe? C: Yeah it will. It's a preview of the album, pretty much. There will be a lot more tracks on there with guitar and stuff. Listening to it, it's pretty much a mini version of the album. I think it's a great example of the album. We pretty much took 12 and shortened it to four songs that I think best represent what's going on, except maybe "So Listen". But I think that my fans really like that one and it's one that we put out with T-Pain.

TWIST: Which is awesome! Now, can you tell us what the process was like writing and recording the song "Got Me Good?" C: "Got Me Good" is a very chill, upbeat summer song ... something that I really enjoyed working on, because I enjoy doing songs like that. I think they best represent who I am as an artist. Those kinds of songs establish my sound and my image. It was real fun. We got to come up with a lot of clever lyrics to put in there. You know, one of the lyrics are like, 'Word on the street is that you're single/so tell me have you heard my single?' and 'Even in your work clothes, you're what's up, you know how to work clothes.' You know, stuff like that, real fun lyrics, which is what I think my fans know me to write. I like doing stuff like that. It's fun.

TWIST: I know "Finding Cody," your YouTube movie is going to be coming out soon. Can you tell me a little bit about that? C: Actually I got to see a little preview of it. They emailed me like a four-minute clip from the movie and it looked really funny, it looked really cool. It's a little adventure. I'm not sure how much of it is known yet, what it's exactly about, but it's an adventure. It takes the fan on a journey and lets them decide the journey, and you can lose in it or you can take the path to meet me. There are a ton of different outcomes you can choose.

TWIST: Cool! Now I know you're going to be heading out on tour for some dates with Big Time Rush this summer. So one of the questions that our readers tweeted was: "What is your pre-show ritual?" Can you tell us a little bit about what you do to get in the right headspace before a show? C: Yeah, my personality is pretty laid-back. I don't like to do too much before a show. I get prepared mentally. I do some stretches. I warm up my voice for half an hour or so and pretty much just sit down and listen to music and try not to think about too much. I think confidence comes with preparation, and if I'm prepared for it, I can get my mind ready and then give it all on stage.

TWIST: Cool. Now I want to get back to talking about Paradise a little bit, the full-length album that I know comes out in October. What are your feelings now as we're getting closer? C: It always comes much faster than you really expect it to. I'll care about things that are a long time away, September, October - it feels like forever away. And then you wake up the next day and here it is, the album's coming out already. But the tour's going to be super fun and it's going to go by so quickly. Before you know it, my full-length album will be in stores. It's going to be crazy. But, you know, hopefully I can make some great impressions on the tour and give people some amazing shows.

TWIST: Great! Well thanks so much for talking with us Cody! C: Thank you!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Atlantis

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