TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Coco Jones!


TWIST recently chatted with Coco Jones, singer and star of the Disney Channel movie Let It Shine! Coco Jones was a blast to talk to and told us about her musical sound, her future projects, and gave her best advice for accomplishing goals! She even spilled some exclusive deets about her upcoming album! Check out the interview below!


TWIST: We know that you just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records. Congratulations! You must be so excited! CJ: I'm excited to get some new music out for everybody!

TWIST: Can you tell us a little bit about your music? CJ: The music is going to be really fun but also have some really good ballads and a lot of rapping and a lot of my writing. I've been practicing my writing so now it's getting really good!

TWIST: How would you describe your sound? CJ: I'd probably say I'm more of a Beyoncé type of girl because I love how her songs always get stuck in your head. They're always fun and easy to dance to but she also has a really good voice range so you can hear how good her voice is with her songs.

TWIST: Are you working on an album now? CJ: I am. I'm working on an album right now as we speak.

TWIST: How does it feel to have a record deal at 14? CJ: It's crazy! I mean I'm not as surprised as my mom and my dad because this is my goal and I've been working so hard to get here. So when I'm finally here, I'm not saying, 'Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm here!' I'm saying, 'Well this is what I worked for, so now it's here.'

TWIST: Do you have any advice about how to achieve goals? CJ: Well something my dad always told me was when you're doing whatever it is that you love, do that like it's your last time you'll ever get to do it in your life because you never know who's out there in the crowd. You never know who's out there watching you. But just make sure that you perform or whatever it is like it's your last time performing.

TWIST: Do you have any other upcoming projects besides your album that you'd like to share with us? CJ: Radio Disney is doing this thing called "Making It Big" and they're doing a documentary on my life from me starting at "N.B.T." to where I am now. They're going to be following me to all of my concerts I have scheduled this year and watching my life and putting it all together so everyone can see the journey!

TWIST: That's so cool! Thanks for chatting with us, Coco! CJ: Thanks, TWIST!

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