TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Chance to Play's Kyle Weiss and Ryan Potter!


TWIST just chatted with Kyle Weiss and Ryan Potter about Chance to Play! They gave us the deets on what Chance to Play is, their separate charities and their plans for the future of Chance to Play! Check out our exclusive convo below and be sure to check back with TWIST for the dish on the next Chance to Play!


Kyle Weiss

TWIST: Can you tell us how Chance to Play went? KW: It was awesome. It was the first year so we definitely learned a lot and everyone loved it. The performances were amazing and all the celebrities got to meet with a bunch of their fans, which was cool. All the fans posted about their meet and greets. The soccer game was hilarious. They had shaving cream pies that they were all throwing at each other's faces during the game.

TWIST: What was the most unexpected thing about the event? KW: How much fun these kids were having. You forgot that they're working and so for them to just go out there and have a blast all for a good cause was amazing. They loved it and they all want to come back and we're all pleasantly surprised by how enthusiastic the celebrity kids were and how many of them said to sign them up anytime!

TWIST: Are you hoping to have another Chance to Play day in 2013? KW: Yeah definitely, 2013 is already in the horizon.

TWIST: If you could have any celeb come out for the day, who would you love to see? KW: I would love to have some professional soccer players out there. I am all about bringing the athletes out next year. Justin Bieber would also be good!

TWIST: How did you come to found FundaField? KW: My brother and I actually started it together when I was 13 years old. We went to the World Cup in Germany and we saw an Angola versus Iran game and talked to some fans and we knew that Angola had been in a civil war for over 20 years and this was their first World Cup. We wanted to send over soccer equipment because they don't really have any. We came back and we told a bunch of our friends and we all wanted to send equipment.

TWIST: What has been the most inspiring thing so far? KW: FundaField has started building fields in a lot of third world countries. When we were in Uganda, one of our tour guides said, 'I wish you guys would have been here when I was a kid because one game on that field would have been the same for me as years in therapy.' He was a former child soldier. That kind of inspired us to utilize the therapy aspect of soccer.

TWIST: How did you end up teaming up with Ryan? KW: I met Ryan briefly at the Halo awards and then we talked afterwards so I emailed him and we talked about doing a fundraiser for kids to have hope.

Ryan Potter

TWIST: How did you found Toy Box of Hope? RP: I started Toy Box of Hope because I have this life goal to end homelessness, which is a ridiculous goal. But I think that if, in my lifetime, I can start the change with my help and my charity, which would be the first step. Toy Box of Hope really started to make sure homeless children had toys as a reminder that there is hope and happiness.

TWIST: Are you hoping to team up for Chance to Play 2013? RP: Chance to Play 2013 may not be soccer, we don't know yet, but we might do basketball or football. It's gonna change so it's new and exciting every year.

TWIST: Do you have any advice on how to get involved? RP: Tweet about it! If we tweet a link to the website, tweet it. We may have 10,000 followers but fans may have 100 to 1,000 and if they share it, that's an additional 100 to 1,000 fans we're reaching. If one of their friends tweets their friends it turns into an endless share. Pretty much just tweet and share constantly.

TWIST: Do you have any upcoming projects? RP: I'm pretty busy, but I think after season 2 of Supah Ninjas. I'll just be focusing on my studies until I hear about season 3. I think I'll take a break for a little bit and focus on my charity and schoolwork.

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