TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Burkely Duffield from House of Anubis!


We just chatted with Burkely Duffield from House of Anubis! He talked to us about the rest of the season, his favorite scenes, and Peddie's on-off relationship! Check out the Q&A below to learn all the deets!


TWIST: What can we expect in the rest of the season of House of Anubis? Burkely Duffield: Well, so far in the season, we've seen Eddie and KT sort of trying to figure out this mystery, along with the rest of the Sabunas. As things unravel, you'll see the real sinister villain behind this term, and then, just when we think we've solved it, it's gonna come 'round and come back at us. It's definitely a high-stakes season for sure.

TWIST: Does Eddie have any romance in this season? BD: Oh, yes, absolutely. I mean, Eddie and Patricia, the whole Peddie relationship is a very long-lasting and dynamic relationship to say the least. He definitely rekindles that love with Patricia and as always, they sort of bonk heads trying to get through it with their bad communication skills. It's an up-and-down relationship as always with those two

TWIST: Do you think Eddie has matured or grown since last season? BD: Yes, I definitely think Eddie has matured. Last season he came in a little unsure and wanted to be the big man on campus, but this season, he knows everyone, so he came in to have a better time with everyone. Realizing his Osirian powers are coming to light, he's having to take on this leadership role in Sabuna, and I'd say he's definitely matured and grown up in a way where he's in a position where he has to lead people and not just have a "do whatever" attitude.

TWIST: What has been your favorite episode so far? BD: For me, filming the beginning scenes where I get my original visions, when I first see myself in the tank room and I'm petrified of what's going on was my favorite. I really like my vision scenes. I thought they were a really cool aspect of the show.

Photo: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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