TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Buddy Handleson from Wendell and Vinnie!


TWIST chatted with Buddy Handleson who plays Wendall on the new Nick show Wendell and Vinnie! He spilled about his character and what it's like to work with Jerry Trainor! Check out our exclusive convo below!


TWIST: How do you relate to your character Wendell? BH: I like to read a lot and so does he, but then again I like to play video games and watch tv whereas Wendell doesn't because that interrupts him from doing his homework and he doesn't like that.

TWIST: Do you have a favorite memory from Wendell and Vinne? BH: We were filming and this part where me and Jerry Trainor had to run out of the apartment because Nicole Sullivan, who plays Wilma, was chasing us. I wasn't expecting this but Nicole got very close to me and so I got freaked out and screamed. Let's just say it didn't sound like a manly scream.

TWIST: What's is like working with Jerry Trainor? BH: He is hilarious. It's an awesome experience because he can teach me tons of acting techniques and all these different things. He's taught me how to be louder. I remember in one scene I had to shout at him but after we did it a few times my throat started to hurt so he tried to teach me the way that he yells without really hurting his voice.

TWIST: What's next for you? BH: I think for right now just a lot more episodes of Wendell and Vinnie will be coming.

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