TWIST Exclusive: TWIST chats with Britt Robertson!


TWIST just chatted with Britt Robertson about her new movie The First Time! She gave us the deets on the movie and what happened behind-the-scenes! Check out our exclusive convo below.


TWIST: Could you tell us about your movie The First Time? Britt Robertson: Yes! It's about a young boy and girl in high school who meet one night at a party and they start talking. They start hanging out one evening and they find each other really interesting and they tell some stories. They sort of fall in love and experience all these firsts together over the course of a weekend.

TWIST: What is your character, Aubrey, like? Britt Robertson: Aubrey's awesome! She's everything I wish I was. She's a young girl trying to figure out what she wants in life, trying to figure out what she wants to do, who she wants to be, what school she wants to go to. She's dealing with all of those issues that every seventeen-year-old girl is and she's dealing with it by talking about it. She starts this conversation with a young man one night and kind of figures it out. She's someone who is always seeking to be better.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers totally go check out The First Time? Britt Robertson: It's a really sweet love story about two people who are close and they're experiencing all these firsts that, as a young person, you will experience at some point or another. And it's about what love means and what it means to care about somebody and how to treat one another.

TWIST: Do you have any favorite memories from filming The First Time? Britt Robertson: My favorite moments are those moments during the rehearsal process before we started filming with Dylan and John, the writer/director. The three of us would just hang out in his apartment and I would like snack on Hershey's Kisses and Starbursts all day as we would go over the scenes. It was super fun because it was new and we were getting to know each other for the "first time." It felt so real and really fun.

TWIST: What's next for you? Britt Robertson: I'm doing a film right now with Vince Vaughn called Delivery Man. I'm sure it will have another title eventually. It's based off of a French-Canadian film a few years ago and they're doing the American remake. I'm super excited to be a part of it. We're filming right now so it's cool!

TWIST: Good luck, and we hope to talk to you again soon! Britt Robertson: All right, thanks!

Photo: Starktraks

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