TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Brendan Meyer!


TWIST just spoke with Brendan Meyer! He was so fun and excited to talk to us about his new movie, Girl vs. Monster! He also spilled to us about what he's always watching and what his ideal date would be like! Check out our conversation below!


TWIST: So tell me about your character, Henry, from the movie Girl vs. Monster? Brendan Meyer: Well Henry is kind of a typical happy-go-lucky guy who just likes hanging out with his friends and having a good time. But he also is a bit of a scared-y cat, and in the movie when all the crazy stuff starts happening on Halloween, his big thing is he really has to overcome his fear and his insecurities. He gets bullied a bit in school, and his whole arc in the movie is trying to get over his fear and become more confident in himself.

T: Cool! Are there any ways that you and Henry are alike? BM: Yeah, I think anyone can relate to Henry because I feel like we've all had to face things in our lives that we're scared of. For me, I often will get nervous before I have to perform in front of a crowd or before an audition. And in order for me to do what I like to do, I have to get over those fears. So I think anyone who's had to overcome their fears to do what they want, can definitely relate to him.

T: Awesome! Are there any exclusive deets you can spill on what we can expect in Girl vs. Monster? BM: I don't know, I don't want to say too much. I can definitely say I think that every different character has a monster that kind of haunts them, and that they all take different shapes. There are several different sorts of scary monsters that you can see, not just one.

T: How was the vibe on set with you guys? Did you have any memorable moments? MB: Oh, there were definitely a lot! I think it was one of my favorite casts I've ever worked with and it was really, really fun! I think everyone had a positive attitude and was happy to be there. There were a lot of laughs on set. One of my favorite moments was a scene where I had to weld this door in this machine and I had to take the welding thing off and say my line 'Okay, I fixed it!' or something like that. But for some reason I welded my welder to the door, so when I turned around to deliver the line, I actually took the door off, and flung it around the set [laughs]. That was definitely one of those things where I was like 'Woah!'

T: OMG! What's a weird habit that you have that makes you, you? MB: I really like watching golf on TV, and I don't even play it either, so it's really weird! But I love golf, and I watch it a lot. I also watch movies all the time. I try to watch as many movies as possible and I'll keep a list of my favorite movies, favorite movies of the year, favorite performances and things like that.

T: Cool! Can you give us an idea of what your ideal date would be like? MB: It would probably start with dinner or something, and I would like to go to a movie, or maybe go to any sort of sporting event. I think it's cool to share something new with a person, like a play or a movie or a sporting event. You know, something you and that person can share together for the first time. And then maybe we'd go out for dessert and talk about it afterwards. I think that would be my ideal date.

T: Sounds awesome! Why should our readers tune into Girl vs. Monster? MB: I think they should tune in because I think it's going to be a really good movie. I think it has something in it for everyone. There's some spooky stuff for people who like that, then there's also some humor for people who like laughter and there's some really great musical numbers in there. I think it's got a wide variety of characters and stuff that everyone will really enjoy. I just think it's a complete movie. I don't think that it focuses to one specific group of people. I think everyone can enjoy it!

T: Cool! What can our readers expect next from you? MB: I'm working on the movie, which is coming out in October. Right now I'm working on shooting the Disney XD show, Mr. Young, and our second season is airing right now, on Disney XD!

T: Great! Thanks so much for speaking with us! MB: Thank you!

Photo Credit: Startraks

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