TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Blake Michael!


TWIST just chatted with Blake Michael from the upcoming Disney Channel show Dog With a Blog. Blake gave us all the deets on what to expect from the first season of Dog With a Blog, how the cast gets along and why you should check out the show! Check out our exclusive convo below and don't forget to check out Dog With a Blog airing this fall on the Disney Channel!


TWIST: What is Dog With a Blog about? BM: Dog with a Blog is about two feuding stepsiblings who are always fighting, so their parents adopt dog hoping that will help them get along. What we find out is that the dog actually talks. All this crazy stuff happens and it's a really fun show and it's very family oriented. It's all about expressing yourself.

TWIST: Tell me about your character, Tyler. BM: He is a super laid-back kind of guy. He always gets the girl and he's super popular in school. TWIST: How do you relate to him? BM: Tyler's really good with girls and I don't want to flatter myself, but...No, I'm totally joking. We're both really laid-back kind of guys. We both like to have fun and sometimes we don't care about the rules.

TWIST: How does everyone get along on set? BM: I feel like my mom, dad and sisters on the show are really my mom, dad and sisters, and they treat me like that, too. We have such a blast on and off set and we call and text each other when we're not working. We're very close and I am so lucky to be part of such an awesome cast.

TWIST: What's your favorite memory from the set? BM: When my sisters from the show, G. Hannelius and Francesca Capaldi, and I got these stick-on moustaches and right before we did a run-through for the network, we all stuck them on and did the scene with the moustaches.

TWIST: Why should TWIST readers check out your show? BM: TWIST readers should check out my show because they will really be able to relate to the characters in this story. It's also a really entertaining show because it's something that's never really been done before. I think it's going to be a great addition to the Disney Channel family of sitcoms.

TWIST: Any upcoming projects? BM: Right now I'm just super busy working on Dog With a Blog and I can't wait for you guys to see it!

TWIST: Thanks for talking to us! BM: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of the Disney Channel

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