TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Becky G!


Becky G just stopped by TWIST's offices to chat with us! She spilled about working with Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd as well as her new song on the Hotel Transylvania soundtrack. Check out our exclusive interview and video below!


TWIST: Hi Becky! What can you tell us about your music? Becky G: My music is definitely urban pop. Urban because I'm a rapper, and pop because my singing is a little bit more on the pop side. I think it has an edge to it.

TWIST: How did you get started in the music business? Becky G: I started at nine. I turned to music and I started just singing. Then at eleven years old I started writing raps, just building my vocabulary and becoming a songwriter. At thirteen, I taught myself how to play the guitar. My songwriting blossomed after that. So nine years old was when I started and after that it just took on a life of its own.

TWIST: Which of your songs means the most to you? Becky G: I did a cover of 'Otis,' and it was the first viral cover video that I posted on YouTube. That's probably the one that gets to me the most. It's basically my life story. If you really listen to the lyrics within those few minutes, you know who I am, who Becky G is.

TWIST: What was it like working with Cody Simpson on 'Wish U Were Here'? Becky G: It was definitely an experience! Cody is so nice and so easy to work with. He's extremely talented. And his family, they're awesome too. It was a blast!

TWIST: What was it like filming the music video for 'Oath' with Cher Lloyd? Becky G: I definitely had to be up very early, before the crack of dawn! We shot it at this really nice high school, and it was an awesome experience. Cher killed it! Working with her was a learning experience because she has this little attitude about her that a lot of girls have. I think that's why she calls her fans 'brats.' She's very confident, so to see and observe what she was doing and then take tips from that was pretty cool.

TWIST: What do you hope to be doing in ten years? Becky G: There are a lot of things outside of music that I want to venture into. I'm also an actress, so I would love to do some acting. I love fashion! I like putting little ensembles together and I love sketching, so a fashion line would be something. Makeup would definitely be something I would go into. And just taking over the world!

TWIST: What's next for you? Becky G: I'm working on my album in the studio a lot, so I'll definitely have something coming up in the next few months. There will be a lot more to come, and a lot more webisodes and videos up on YouTube for my fans to see.

TWIST: Thanks for chatting with us, Becky! Becky G: Thank you!

Photo credit: Courtesy of Danielle Pozsonyi

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