TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Bailee Madison!


TWIST recently got to hang out with Bailee Madison - on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building! With a gorgeous view of New York City around us, Bailee spilled all about her new Hallmark Channel movie Smart Cookies and the importance of giving back as a young star! Check out Bailee's shout-out to TWIST readers below, and be sure to watch Smart Cookies on the Hallmark Channel TONIGHT at 9PM!


TWIST: So tell me all about your new movie Smart Cookies! Bailee: Smart Cookies is a wonderful film. It centers around a real estate agent named Julie Stirling, and I'm not going to say why, but she has to take care of this Girl Scout troop, and they're not just any girl scouts. They're the misfits of girl scouts! So she has to lead them, and she learns about herself along the way. I play Daisy, a super-eager Girl Scout who thinks that she's the leader of everything. She really just teaches the girls and Julie that at the end of the day, it's not about winning the annual cookie sale drive. It's about friendship, it's about who you are, and it's about trusting yourself. It's really just a beautiful film and I really hope you guys like it!

T: Awesome! So what would you say are the top three reasons that TWIST readers should check it out? B: I would probably say because; A. You get to see a whole different background of girl scout cookies, B. There's lots of cookie selling so you get to see how much work it is, and then C. It's just going to make you feel good. There are tons of battles and you get to see my business side, trying to be proper. I think it's just a movie that your friends can sit down and enjoy. There's tons of laughs and I'm just super proud of it. It's super silly, super funny, and super sweet!

T: Sounds great! So how would you say you're similar or different from your character Daisy? B: I would hope to say that I'm similar to her because she's always trying to take any situation and find the good in them. So I hope that I take whatever I have and see the good. Leave the past where it is and look forward to the future. I think that's really who she is, and she just wants people to be happy. I just think that she's a girl who will not stop until she gets what needs to be accomplished. So I definitely say I'm like her in that way. If I set a goal, I have to do it.

T: That's definitely a good quality to have. You're also a spokesperson for a childhood cancer organization. What does that mean to you, especially being a young person yourself? B: It's wonderful. My mom and I always said since the moment we started in this business that it wasn't about us. It's about making a difference and doing something well. We came across Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation where I'm not their national spokesperson. I actually just started volunteering and they came to me and I've just joined the team. I truly think that it's important for kids to get active because once you start young, it really goes into your adulthood. Once you start young, you really already have your perspective on life. I think that you're never too young to make a difference and this is a perfect way. Just have a lemonade stand and donate whatever money you got, even if it's a dollar. That could be the dollar that finds a cure.

T: That's really great, Bailee. That's so much for talking with us! B: Thank you, TWIST!

Photo: Courtesy of Christina Jedra

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