TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Allstar Weekend!


TWIST just chatted with Cameron Quiseng from Allstar Weekend and he gave us all of the deets on the band's new album, how you can get their attention while they are on stage, and their Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer concert in NYC this weekend! Check out our exclusive convo below and don't forget to check out their new EP, The American Dream!


TWIST: So what are you planning for the Pop Tarts show this weekend? Are you excited? Cameron: Oh yeah! it's going to be a great show. We're just planning on doing an awesome show. We just kind of got off tour a couple of weeks ago so we haven't played a show in a minute and I think that we are probably just going to put on the most epic show possible because it's our last show of the summer. It's probably going be the best show of the summer... or ever!

TWIST: Do you have a favorite song to sing live? Cameron: YES! Actually right now my favorite song to play is off of our new EP, The American Dream, and the song is called 'The American Dream.' It's pretty rad. I think it's fun; we're all singing it and all jamming out rocking out hard. That one's good and 'Not Your Birthday's' always fun because I get to rap.

TWIST: Have you ever seen a cute girl in the crowd and tried to impress her? Cameron: Umm I would say yes. Almost every single show I've ever played I do that. It gets me pumped. I love awkward eye contact! It's the best. When you stare at a band and they're like 'Oh crap, he's staring at me. Oh no what do I do?' I think that's so cute!

TWIST: What do you usually do to impress a girl? Cameron: You know, to impress a girl I'm usually just nice. There are a lot of guys that just try the mean card on girls and I find that usually doesn't work and if it does work it's not the right girl for me anyway. I just try to be really genuine. That's about it. Funny... if I'm lucky I have like a couple of jokes that day that work out but that doesn't happen every time.

TWIST: Is there anyone you'd love to tour with that you haven't yet? Cameron: Taylor Swift! 'Cause she's awesome and pretty and her songs are great. I'm a fan. Her new song caught me a little off guard because it doesn't sound like the Taylor that everyone's used to. I remember when I first started listening to Taylor; it was back on her Myspace page when she was making video blogs every week. She's changed a lot but you know, I think artists as they progress they do it for a reason and I like it. I like her new stuff.

TWIST: How is working on the new Allstar Weekend album? Cameron: We're funding it ourselves. We actually launched a Kickstarter recently where we do all these crazy things for fans. I'm giving surfing lessons, we're going to Disneyland, fun stuff like that but the writing process is similar and different from our last albums. It's similar in the sense that we're still writing all the songs ourselves, but I would say it's also a little different. It's easier in the sense that we have total freedom. We can literally write whatever we want.

TWIST: What is your favorite Allstar Weekend album so far? Cameron: The new album isn't done yet so maybe it's my favorite. Between Suddenly Yours and All The Way, All The Way because it sounds more Allstar Weekend than anything else we've put out but who knows? Maybe the new one!

TWIST: Your video, 'Life As We Know It,' seems like it was a lot of fun to film. Do you have a favorite part from filming that music video? Cameron: Yeah! I actually really enjoyed filming all of the pool scenes when the guys were jumping off the roof because all I had to do was sit there and watch them. They were really crazy. The people that were actually jumping off of the roof were actually the same people that owned the house. They weren't even extras, they lived there! They were partying way harder than anyone else was so they were having a good time and it was fun for me to watch them. I also really liked the shot where the firecracker goes off on the ground right in between Zach, Michael, and me. We knew it was coming but we were all so deep in conversation that we forgot about it. It literally went off on our feet. I thought that was funny!

TWIST: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Cameron: Yeah of course! Make sure your readers check out our Crazy Good Summer concert in NYC this Sunday. It's free and it's our last show so it's going to be a good time!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Disney Channel

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