TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with Alex Shipp from House of Anubis!


TWIST just got off the phone with Alex Shipp, who plays a new character in this season of House of Anubis! She dished the deets on the new season, her character K.T. Rush, and what's next for her! Check out our exclusive convo below, and make sure to tune in to House of Anubis on Nickelodeon tomorrow!


TWIST: Tell us about season three of House of Anubis! Alex Shipp: We're dealing with a lot of new characters. There's a new teacher and a really great story line. Let's just say it is going to be very exciting.

TWIST: What should TWIST readers look forward to in the new season? AS: There's a lot of love and missed connections and spooky vibes going on, and a lot of ancient curses that are going to be unleashed.

TWIST: Can you tell us more about your character, K.T. Rush? AS: She's very spunky. I fell in love with her when I first auditioned because she reminded me of myself so much. She's very American and very up front with her feelings and sassy. But she's also got a really great, sweet side to her. She came to Anubis to try and help the world. She came to a completely different country to continue their mission.

TWIST: How else are you similar or different to her? AS: Well, I've never had a mission before, but she's very strong-willed, which I can relate to a lot. I too moved to a completely new country to do this job. I guess you could say I was on my own little House of Anubis mission!

TWIST: Any funny memories from the set? AS: I work a lot with Burkely Duffield, who plays Eddie. We have the goofiest experiences on set. We'll be running lines or going through a scene, and we'll just break into a dance routine of some sort. We have fun little things like that happen all the time.

TWIST: Does the cast ever prank each other? AS: All the time! We like to scare each other, because the sets are actually pretty spooky once you get into them. So, we'll be hiding around the corner and jump out, or we'll just leave goofy props hanging around.

TWIST: What's next for you? AS: After Anubis wraps season three, I'm going to head back to L.A. and keep auditioning, see my friends and family and then get ready for whatever comes!

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