TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats With Adam Hicks!


TWIST just spoke with Adam Hicks who joins Pair of Kings for its third season, premiering TONIGHT! Adam spilled all about his character, on-set pranks, and a brand new Disney music video that will premiere during the show tonight! Check out our conversation below and tune in to the season three premiere of Pair of Kings tonight on Disney XD at 8:30PM!


TWIST: Tell us about the new season of Pair of Kings! Adam: The new season of Pair of Kings is a little different because I've joined the Pair of Kings family. It's great. I didn't know what to expect at first. I was a little nervous. But they've welcomed me with open arms, accepting me. It's good with Doc [Shaw] and I. On Zeke and Luther, it was like Hutch was the straight guy, and I was supposed to bring the comedy. On this show, Doc and I are just wilin' out. We're actually friends on and off set. We're just making this comedy, doing all kinds of wacky, crazy adventures. I think people at home are really going to like it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

TWIST: That's great! Can you tell us about your character? Adam: I play Boz. He was a king on another island. He's kind of weird. He definitely messes a lot of situations up. He was raised by apes, so he's really into wildlife. He's more civilized now. He's crazy but chill, but still kind of learning the fundamentals of being a civilian.

TWIST: This was your first season on the show. Was it weird for you at all to come into a show where they'd already been filming for two seasons? Adam: For me, it was weird because I just didn't know what to expect, of course. But everyone was just so open and really happy to make this transition. It made me feel at home. I'm cool with everyone and I became part of the fam.

TWIST: Do you have any funny moments that stand out in your mind from the set? Adam: I mean, we're cracking jokes all day long. We put all these Barbie posters in Doc's room, just to mess with him. Besides that, on set we're always goofing off.

TWIST: How did he react to the posters? Adam: He was like, 'Ahhh! Ahh! Ahhhh!' just flipping out in his room. But he's getting me back, supposedly. I'm waiting for it.

TWIST: That's so funny! Do you have any other upcoming projects TWIST readers should know about? Adam: I did a music video for Disney called "Nonstop Summer." It's going to be awesome. We got to shoot it in Malibu to dubstep music, so check that out! It's new music for Disney, but I know that's what kids my age and kids even younger are listening to. It's going to be awesome. It was loads of fun, and the song turned out really really good.

TWIST: We'll definitely have to tune in for that. Thanks for chatting with us, Adam! Adam: Thank you!

Photo: Courtesy of the Disney Channel

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