TWIST Exclusive: TWIST Chats with 4Count!


TWIST sat down with the boys from Nick Cannon's band, 4Count! Already YouTube sensations, the boys talked about their song, "Snapbacks," what it's like to work with Nick Cannon, and where they're going next! Check out the convo below!


TWIST: How did you guys get together and break into the business? 4Count: We background-danced for one of Nick Cannon's other artists, School Girls. After that, he got in contact with us and said he wanted to have a meeting with us. The rest is history in the making!

TWIST: What was the idea behind your song "Snapbacks?" 4Count: The song really tells the story of Snapback [hats]. They go out of fashion, then they come back. Everyone's wearing them. They just came out of nowhere. The hook is, 'I rock you like my snapbacks.' We all wear them too, and we love them. They fit perfectly for us.

TWIST: How has it been working with Nick Cannon? 4Count: Obviously Nick is on so many different platforms. He has his hand in music and media, TV and film, so it's cool to see him do all of those jobs to the best of his ability. He's like a mentor to us. Some people complain about having one job, this guy has got a ton of jobs! Whenever we're at the office or something, grabbing something to eat, he's like, "Shouldn't you guys be rehearsing?" We're like, "Ugh! We need to be on Nick's level: work, work, work, so you can play later!"

TWIST: Who are some of your musical influences? 4Count: We usually always agree on Michael Jackson. But, we all really like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Justin Nozuka, and Neyo.

TWIST: What's coming up for you guys? 4Count: You know, we're in the rehearsal room everyday preparing ourselves, getting ready for a tour when one comes up. We do have performances and stuff coming up. So, follow us on our Twitter! That's where we give out the exact dates of where we're performing. Also, we just did a movie with Nick Cannon! He produced it and co-wrote it. It's called School Dance. We get to perform "Blow Me Away" and "Snapbacks!"

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