TWIST Exclusive: Send Your Leap Year Birthday Wishes to Level Up's Jessie Usher!


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Today is definitely a special day - not only is February 29 Leap Day, but it's also Level Up star Jessie Usher's birthday! Jessie's actual birthday only comes once every four years, so what does he do when it's not a leap year? He dished to TWIST, "I want to keep it in February, so I always celebrate it on the 28th instead... This year, I'm thinking about having a huge '70s roller skating party for my birthday. I normally have parties or gatherings with my friends for my birthday every year, but when leap year does come, I try to do it a little bit bigger, mainly because it's special." So awesome! Don't miss Level Up Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Cartoon Network!

Make sure you click "Read more" for our full, exclusive Q&A with Jessie, where he dishes about Level Up and more! Also, don't forget to leave your birthday wishes for Jessie in the comments!

With love, Krista

TWIST: Can you tell me a little bit about Level Up? Jessie: Yes I can! Level Up is about a group of high school teenagers who play this video game at night called Conqueror of All Worlds, and through a freak accident, the game starts leaking into the real world. It's up to this weird, odd group of friends to band together and save the earth from this game that's come to real life. Max Ross is the creator of the game, and he gives us hints and game tips and stuff like that, which we can actually use in real life to send these monsters back.

TWIST: Can you describe your character to me? Jessie: My character's name is Lyle, AKA Wizza. He's the popular guy; he plays football, everyone in school knows him, he's the pretty boy, kind of a little self-absorbed, but deep down he's a really big gamer. He's kind of a geek, but he doesn't want anyone to know it.

TWIST: How are you and Lyle similar and how are you guys different? Jessie: Lyle's a little more self-absorbed than me. I try to be a little more humble than that, for sure. We're both athletic and play sports often. He plays football and I do Kenpo martial arts. I've played many sports throughout my life, and I figure Lyle has too. If you watch the show, you'll see in his room, he's got pictures of him boxing, playing basketball, and all of these other different sports.

TWIST: Are you a gamer as well? Jessie: I am a gamer, yes I am.

TWIST: What are your favorite games? Jessie: Right now I'm trying to catch up with all these kids who play the Conqueror of All Worlds game. They're killing me in that right now. I do play that, but I love Xbox games, for sure. Xbox games are my favorite.

TWIST: When did you know that you wanted to become an actor? Jessie: I was really, really young. I was about 4 years old, and my sister was an actor before I was. I always wanted to do what she did, so watching her go on these commercial shoots and everything else that she was doing, that's when I got interested in it.

TWIST: Why do TWIST readers absolutely have to check out Level Up? Jessie: It's a really, really funny show. The cast is amazing. They're hilarious. It's a show that everyone can relate to. You'll see the characters that appeal to you in the life that you live right now. There are a lot of great visual effects in it, and it's guaranteed to make you laugh. If you haven't checked it out already, you should definitely go do that!

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