TWIST Exclusive! Mitchel Speaks on Miley/Emily Feud!


TWIST caught up with Mitchel in LA this past weekend and scored exlcusive scoop on the Miley/Emily feud rumors! While Mitchel does admit that the girls fight (what BFFs don't have little arguments here and there?!), he does say that the HM cast is still very much a fam!

Of the rumor that there's mucho tension on-set, Mitchel confesses to us:

"It's not true. Sometimes they get into little fights, but they are just joking fights. People see it and they think 'Oh my gosh, they're fighting.' But it is just how we are. We always just mess around with each other. They may jokingly say 'I hate you!' But it's a joking little girl thing, and people hear that and they think they have to write that up, and it's going to be some big story. But we all really love each other. We are a big Disney family."

TWIST has a full report on the Miley/Emily feud rumors in our December issue, on stands November 3rd! It's a can't-miss issue so make sure to pick it up as soon as it hits! What do YOU think of Miley/Emily feud rumors?

xoxo, Jackie

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