TWIST Exclusive: Kevin Jonas Loves Giving Back!


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TWIST recently chatted with Kevin Jonas about his work with Ronald McDonald House! He told TWIST, "Honestly, [giving back is] why we do what we do. We get to play shows and do different things, but what really matters is giving back." Kev and his brothers Nick and Joe want others involved in charity as well, especially their fans. "It's a little easier for [fans] to say, 'Oh wow! They believe in this. Maybe I should try it out too.' We've always said that it's not about one [person] doing something great. It's about a lot of people doing something great together. That'll make a difference, and that's kind of been our motto from day one," Kevin spilled. So how can you get involved? Kevin shared, "Something that I'm a part of is DoSomething.Org. It's [a site dedicated to] your local volunteerism, which is really important to me... That's where you're the most connected. You might not know that there might be some place that you can go volunteer right down your street that will make such a huge difference."

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What do you think of Kevin's charity involvement? What do you do to stay active in the community? Tell is in the comments! For the latest on Kevin, Nick and Joe, check out the latest issue of TWIST, out now!

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